Game trailers Catch All

1. the first CRPG in the WarHammer universe is intriguing
2. I will never, never, never pre-order a game when there isn't even a gameplay trailer!

Awww yisss, mfing crpg!

Its Owlcat. At worst we take a step back to Kingmaker level of depth and polish because it is a new to Owlcat IP and they are adapting new game systems.

My biggest fear is they run into dev delays (of course they are going to) and WH40K gets impatient and either forces early release that guts sales or bankrupts them with time intensive demands and tight schedules.

I am tempted to get the $99 founder pack. It is a lot of money and while I want to get my hands on it ASAP, I am not sure I want to wrangle with an alpha. I've played alphas that were stable and playable but just lacked content. And I've played betas that weren't very incomplete. Plus, I don't have a great track record with handing over significant $$$ for dev support. (Everquest Landmark $100 , Hellgate London $200)

From one of the creators of Dead Space:

This looks like my kind of game!

Loved it years ago. It's a remake not a remaster. Is that enough? I hope so!

This one is just a remaster but it's coming to PC which is nice

Can't believe you left out the most aloof video game character of the year:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Aionios

Marvel's MIDNIGHT SUNS! Everything You Need To Know!
*rather long in depth video from a Let's Play person I like


First 42 seconds: Oh great another charming af 2D adventure game. You know, I still haven't finished Nobody Saves the World or even looked at Tunic. I'll put it on the list but I'm not making any promises...


Quick dump of some recent trailers I found interesting

The Invincible looks real cool.

Warhammer 40K Darktide Hands On and New Gameplay from Summer Game Fest

So 60/40 ranged/melee or is that melee/ranged?
I was really hoping for something other than Vermantide reskinned in 40K. If it is still heavily focused on melee, I was hoping it would be more like co-op Spacemarine with classes.

This feels too close to games I've already played and lost interest in quickly.

It’s not a Rocket League alt mode…but it should be….

Looking good:

PaladinTom wrote:

Quick dump of some recent trailers I found interesting

Just played the demo right now (as I was taking a break from No Time To Die) and it really scratches the Goldeneye 007 itch.

Probably a bit dark for this thread but I thought it was worth posting.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Dev Diary: Game Development During the War

That looks amazing but brutally difficult.

fangblackbone wrote:

That looks amazing but brutally difficult.

The demo felt kind of samey. Uninspired. I didn't leave off thinking it would be something I'd seek out in the future, despite it being directly in line with some of my favorite genres.

The art style and references to family made me think of Children of Morta with a bit of Hyper Light Drifter thrown in.

my thoughts exactly
releases in September, I can't wait

Based on what I'm seeing there, I would highly recommend checking out Unsighted. I actually felt like they could have extended parts of Unsighted and it would have been great. Bonus points for Unsighted giving out options to adjust difficulty mid-game / turn off some features one might find annoying, including a game timer function. It's on Game Pass, too.

I need this game in my life:

This one, too. Already on Xbox and coming to PS and Switch:

I’m not loving the art style, but I still can’t wait for this! (May be a little spoilery for showing certain characters.)

pandasuit wrote:

It really reminds me of Blasphemous but it's hard to tell what type of game it is from the trailer.

It’s a full conversion mod for Fallout 4

I finally got around to trying the Metal Hellsinger demo and really enjoyed it. It's like Doom mixed with a heavy metal rhythm game since if you shoot on the beat you build up an ultimate power and the music gets better. The boss battle in the demo has some bullet hell elements. Wishlisted.


I'm a such a sucker for the PS1 horror game aesthetic.