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Cool! Very happy to see it listed on the Switch. The game doesn't need an real power and being able to play in handheld mode will be great.

polq37 wrote:

Holy snap, this is from the EYE devs. Wow. Thought they up and disappeared.

So, a standard FPS or is this a coop/looter shooter?

Sadly just single player, but i'll be playing just to get another taste of that setting.

I almost ended up buying a flash cart for my 3DS to play the Great Ace Attorney Games via a fan translation patch, but I didn't have the money at the time. I'm glad I waited. It's been a while since Spirit of Justice, so I'm hyped as hell to have two new AA games to play.

I'll have to see more of Necromunda. It looks neat but I'm not concrete on what the actual world is yet.

ccesarano wrote:

I'll have to see more of Necromunda. It looks neat but I'm not concrete on what the actual world is yet.

Not sure I understand, but Necromunda is the world.

I guess to be more specific, is it played like a first-person shooter with role-playing game mechanics? Is it just a never-ending procedural loot-drop game? Is it a linear game with a hub you constantly return to? All I can tell from the press release and trailer is you have a hub where you get targets and then you go shoot people. It's a simple enough sounding gameplay loop, but it's also simple enough that there's a million and one monkey wrenches that can get thrown in and kill my interest.

So, deets.


Never thought I'd see it.

Perhaps not aesthetically, but the platforming and glimpse of the world map are giving me some Hollow Knight vibes.

I really like the aesthetics & animations in that. The Hollow Knight color palette was too monotone for my tastes.

EvilDead wrote:

I really like the aesthetics & animations in that. The Hollow Knight color palette was too monotone for my tastes.

Interesting, I had kind of the opposite reaction. The art feels mostly clean, but almost too simple in places? Like it's not very unified in direction. It also reminds me of a mobile offering and/or old style flash game.

Full disclosure, I thought hollow knight was awesome.

I think I see where you're coming from. To me both of the games have that 2D flash / lack of depth look but Hollow might have more going on in the background. In that Aeterna video the colorful scenes were just way more appealing to me. The Ori games art style is my high bar for 2D exploration games.

Character animation sometimes looks mobile-stiff like something from Fate Grand Order.

Their artists have done some great work, but some of the shots are way too busy.

Hollow Knight got a lot right with both these areas. Hand drawn, but well animated. Backgrounds with layers, but always clear what was going on.

It definitely looks cool, but I'm scared of how it'll handle.

Some more art info:

They kind of said it right in that video. Hollow Knight had a very distinctive vision to its artstyle and aesthetic, whereas in that video they mentioned certain regions looking like different parts of other video games, anime, or films. So they're drawing from a mish-mash of visual influences.

However, I think it also comes down to what was mentioned above, which is a very clear distinction between foreground and background in Hollow Knight. Save for Deep Nest, there was never any confusion regarding what you could or couldn't interact with, but many of the environments and backgrounds above are busy and have additional effects going on.

That said, still looks beautiful to me, and results in some stunning looking scenery.

Indie Live Expo is going on this morning. It's an event primarily focused on Japanese indies, which is why it probably doesn't get as much press or interest compared to most of the other E3 events. It's loaded with games announcements and trailers, but here are some of the biggest highlights.

Pal World is basically a mish-mash of Harvest Moon, Pokemonster Rancher, and... third-person shooter?

Ou is a side-scrolling adventure game with some gorgeous hand-drawing animation and... well I'm not really sure what else it's about, admittedly.

A Touhou Project game from 2009 is getting some ports. Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony is a side-scrolling action game.

Lost Epic is a side-scrolling action game looking similar to Muramasa: The Demon Blade, but with multiplayer co-op functionality. It is now in Steam Early Access.

Swery's game The Good Life has been delayed to the Fall and changed publishers to Playism.

The Good Life's style for people is awful. Still, I wish them the best.

OU looks incredible.

I know Bruce Willis did it first, but he didn't do it best. In my personal head cannon that shot was a nod to Tollywood.

In other news TIL that Tollywood is a thing and is quite distinct from Bollywood.

Ackshully, they didn't even do it first in Die Hard 4:

The jumping 4 wheeler and the RPG in midair and others were all nods to community plays that were done in BF4.

I love that the helicopter exploded before the motorcycle even hit it.

I have to admit that I don't have one inkling as to what I am looking at in that video.
Who's who and what's what is not clear at all. And then you throw in a man made tornado in the middle of a city?
If chaos is you thing, I guess that is the point right?

Not a part of the Summer Game Fest announcements, but this Greak: Memories of Azure game looks neat and releases on PS5, Xbox Series, Switch, and Steam on Aug. 17th. No clue why it's absent from PS4 and Xbox One but, there ya are.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Preview

farley3k wrote:

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Preview

That looks amazing... no Xbox version planned

Kena looks amazing, but I'm not sold on the actual gameplay yet. The combat and puzzles shown so far look fairly dull, and given that this studio has a film background and has never made a game before I'm not optimistic. I'll keep an eye on this one, but unless I see some exciting gameplay this will be a pass for me.