NFL 2017 Week 1 Thread

Will admit to a bit of apprehension when I clicked the spoiler tag open.

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Of course I'm not sure the time line matches up, which one of the articles about this said.

The timing seems to make sense if Kaepernick was being considered as a response to Flacco's back injury. The stories about the injury broke in the last week of July, and the tweet was August 2nd. That detail is what actually made the story sound plausible to me.

How much the reality resembled Ray Ray's telling of it is an open question, and the tweet being in August means it can't be blamed for the entire NFL's disinterest in Kaepernick from March until then, but I am possibly buying the story that the Ravens were seriously considering Kaepernick in that time window, and that the tweet helped torpedo any interest, or at least gave the "no" votes in the building the extra ammunition they needed to shut the discussion down completely.

Did anyone really make a big fuss about that tweet before Ray Lewis brought it up on Inside the NFL?

Brandin Cooks has had Drew Brees and Tom Brady throw him passes. Lucky bastard.

In glad the Browns are still doing Brown-y things.

Rat Boy wrote:

Did anyone really make a big fuss about that tweet before Ray Lewis brought it up on Inside the NFL?

Outside the organization? Not really. It wasn't likely to become a story, but I can see it being something people inside the organization take exception to.

garion333 wrote:

Brandin Cooks has had Drew Brees and Tom Brady throw him passes. Lucky bastard.

Tyreek Hill don't need no Hall of Fame QB to make things happen.

And Chiefs lead in the 4th.

Stuffed them as if Dontari Poe were still in the middle of that line.

This Hunt kid is having a night.

Holy sh*t he almost broke another one.

I love how quiet it is in that stadium right now.

Hate to agree with a Seachicken, but yeah.

Probably the best way to start the season IMO.

Smash the Patriotarchy


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SmashThe Patriotarchy

My new D-1 team name

Well, so much for 16-0.

That was unexpected. Chiefs may have lost Berry for the season though.

The injuries are much more painful than the loss. Rough night.

My local bookie, William Hill, had the Patriots at 4-1 to win the Superbowl this year, so that Wk 1 loss is interesting from a betting point of view. I may run down and put a tenner on them of the odds have moved out far enough.

As usual, I put my £20 on the Giants again. My betting slip is now taped to my TV. I'll take it down in mid-January again this year.

Not a fun first game as a Pats fan but I'd rather lose this one and adjust as we all know Belichick will do rather than lose our stride down the road. The injuries definitely hurt more than the L. Brady looked stale, our defense looked lost, and there were a few missed catches that looked like rookie mistakes.

I also need to give credit to the Chiefs. Smith played well. The rookie RB was unstoppable. Great routes and catches by Hill. They're going to have a good year.

In the first half I thought the Patriots were going to run away with it, but a combination of a couple fourth-down stops plus the Pats not having really any success deep certainly turned that around.

Did the Chiefs finally find the perfect offense? Alex Smith could still be Alex Smith and throw the ball short, and now apparently has two guys in Hill and Hunt who can just go. Also, uh, wow, Kareem Hunt. That is how you make a debut.

Maybe Alex Smith is doing that mid-30s QB thing where they go, "oh wait, I can actually play better", and kicking it up a notch. Some of those passes actually had enough air yards that they required the broadcast camera to pan!


I liked everything I saw last night. Well, losing Berry sucks big time. And seriously, were Chiefs trying to set a record in penalties last night?

Mostly, I'm trying to keep my thoughts and hopes in check. It was one game. But yeah, that's the offense I hoped Alex Smith and Andy Reid would bring to KC.

Alex Smith looked amazing last night! Philip Rivers now might have 2 competitors for best QB in the AFC West, so that's always good. Honestly, I expect Smith to regress to his mean in the coming weeks, but even as a Patriots fan, I'm thrilled that we have some competition to look forward to. Hopefully, the Chiefs will be back in New England in January, but for now, the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins can enjoy having a better record than NE.

Enjoy the high now, Chiefs fans. Reality will come crashing down again once Andy Reid blows an important game by fumbling time outs.

Really sucks about Berry. He makes games more fun to watch.

The Chiefs looked so much more athletic than the Pats although Tyreek Hill will make everyone look slow. I think the Pats are really going to miss Edelman. Chris Hogan just looks like a plodder, can't seem to get any separation and Amendola has zero chance of getting though the season without injury.

This is going to shape up to be an interesting season now that the Patriots look like the coronation was premature.

Hogan is a legitimate deep threat and Cooks has plenty of speed, but Brady looked off on deeper passes last night. The Pats got stopped twice on 4th down and had a bunch of misfires, but that was mostly about the defense just losing Hill and Hunt.

I really thought in the first half the Patriots were going to annihilate the Chiefs, but they kept making mistakes.