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PAX West 2017 On the Go


PAX West 2017 opened with a rush, and we're going strong.

Saturday 2:30 pm

At PAX, there's usually one exhibitor that is giving out hats of some sort. Last year, we had the traffic cones from Plants vs Zombies floating on the top of every crowd. I've been seeing two here this time around.

  • Baseball caps with Amazing Eternals are showing up. FPS with digital card game elements looks interesting. It's free to play, in Early Access on Steam. Several people have come in with good things to say about the playable demo here on the show floor. Particularly the deathmatch mode.
  • If you're feeling a little dapper, Songbringer has been handing out top hats. They're quite comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future. (/ egregious geeky reference) I had seen the name go by recently but hadn't really looked into it, but now that I have I will be all over it. A procedurally generated game that uses a stable seed so you can share generated levels makes this a fun play for friends, and asymmetrical co-op makes this a great game for bringing newer gamers and kids on board.

Pics of both of them modeled by our friendly Aperture Science Sentry Turret monitoring the door down in the Gallery.

Saturday, 12:30 pm
Pictures and news!

  • Kretol snapped some shots of yesterdays traditional opening line, but from the outside.
  • My Deathnote cosplay has been creeping people out. For some reason, people don't want to sign up.....
  • Dr. Exoskeleton's scavenger hunt is even bigger than ever. Each year a 100 invitations are hidden around the center, but yesterday they hid an additional hundred. Keep your eyes open, and join in a fiendishly difficult puzzle competition.

Take a gander at the Picture Gallery below.

Saturday, 10 am
Today's a busy day, and it starts off with a bang.

Gearbox Software will be dishing on Borderlands, Battleborn, & Brothers in Arms with all their usual shenanigans in the Main Theater and the main PAX Twitch stream from 10:30am to noon.

Scythe is making the rounds of the boardgame press with it's combo of 20's era steam tech and giant mechs. Tabletop has a tournament starting at 11 and running to 5pm on Level 3 of the Olive 8 hotel.

Console Tourney up on the 6th Floor of the Convention Center is running it's Saturday Mystery Tournament. Head up there and see what crazy competition awaits at 1pm.

Friday, 6pm

In the big news category, let's start off with today's announcement that they've decided to make PAX East another 4-day show.

On the show floor, Asymmetric Publications has their newest offering, West of Loathing up on the 6th Floor in 660. Shrike came back with a very favorable, pun-flavored report.

Tonight's concert kicks off tonight at 8:30 in Main Theatre (and with Bit Brigade, MC Frontalot, and Megaran.

And as McIrish reminded me over the GWJ PAX Slack, there are three Twitch channels. Wyvern Theater's lineup is at They're currently running the 2nd round of the Omegathon - a heated Mario Kart battle on the Switch.

We have the obligatory "OMG SOOOOO many people" pics, but technical difficulties (i.e. Kretol's MMS and mine not playing nicely) are slowing those.

In other news, I have Beard Papa. Your argument is invalid, or at least much less interesting.

Friday, 10am

I'm going to start off with some reference info you can keep handy all weekend.

Two of the theaters have their own Twitch channels. Main Theater is at , and Hydra Theater is on whether you're beating feet here or playing along at home it's great to be able to see what's up.

One secret to getting the most out of a PAX is knowing where to go. They're all huge but Seattle adds a whole new level of complexity due to having multiple venues. Guidebook Inc has it's mobile apps, but if you don't have connection or power those can be difficult. There is hope, though. Along with the traditional con schedule pamphlet there's a fold out Strategy Guide, which gives you maps and the basic info you need to figure out where you are and where you need to go.

And hang on to your seats. We've got a lot of stuff on the way.

PAX West 2017 - Opening Queue Overflow under the WSTCC
PAX West 2017 - Opening Queue Overflow under the WSTCC down the street
PAX West 2017 - Death Note Cosplay
PAX West 2017 - Dr Exoskeleton Envelope PAX Ops team found
PAX West 2017 - Amazing Eternals baseball cap on an Aperture Science sentry turret stuffie
PAX West 2017 - Songbringer tophat on an Aperture Science sentry turret stuffie


I'll be dropping in on the whole pizzazz tomorrow, is there a gwj meet up? Is anyone even going tomorrow?

There's a GWJ Slack channel where people have been coordinating.

Take a look there to see what's up.

Today is our last day unfortunately.