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How do you pause the text on Death Road to Canada when on the road. I miss most of the road text because it flies by so fast and then a event pops up that removes the road text.

Splatoon 3 reviews looking very good. Lots of 9/10

Stele wrote:

Splatoon 3 reviews looking very good. Lots of 9/10

Based on what I've read / heard, it's very much polished up, but there's nothing big and new, which for what the series is (different, was totally fresh and new when it came out), seems like a real bummer.

Also, it's quite easy to join friends and even see they've made a lobby without going into a menu. During the splatfest event, I could see friends in the area for multiplayer, just sitting in a certain spot with a message if you approached them, if they had a lobby going.

I never did decide for myself whether the shorthand "Spla2n" was fun or offensively stupid.

I think I'm all in for "Spla3n" though.

Factorio is now available for Switch for $30 USD. A demo is also on offer.

Perhaps I'll finally get a handle on petroleum now that I can get industrious on the go!