Football Manager Series Catch-All

So, I finally noticed that FM updates the ads on the hoardings in real-time. And somehow, only in sports games, do I consider that appropriate realism.

Interesting post on the FM subreddit today


I haven't played FM21 or FM22 but it seems to match my experience. Thr last FM I played had a match engine, transfer/contract system, and tactics better than ever but graphically wasn't pleasing to the eye.

According to this comment, SI went from licensing facegen and stadium graphics to doing everything in-house which would explain a lot, especially since they're using the faces for the match engine as the player photos while pre-FM16 the match engine figurines were basic and the photos a completely separate graphic.

I don't think the series needs to be photo-realistic and competing with FIFA graphically, but it should at least be pleasant to look at.


Please tell me that it doesn't play "The Champions League Anthem" before each CL game....

If it does, I'm hoping someone can mod in the hateful thing being booed at the Etihad.

Still won't stop me renaming the Europa League to the "Christ, you weren't even good enough to get into the CL proper" and that other bit of nonsense to being the "Even more pointless UEFA cash grab Cup"

Man completes a century of seasons in FM, posts results.


There's just so much to unpack here.

There are probably a few Rangers fans slightly concerned by that outcome - and some Celtic fans pleasantly surprised, judging by the CL results.

Sevilla and Valencia's title counts look a little...unlikely, although not as much as WBA and 'Nastic Tarragona.

And no Barcelona or Liverpool ?

We are officially in FM silly season, as they're unveiling the new features for FM 23.

Frankly, all I've seen is some minor match engine improvements and a bunch of stuff that's not gonna make a meaningful difference to gameplay.


Like, that is going to mean literally nothing in terms of the actual game.

Oh, and it's got the official UEFA music, a thing I cannot believe anyone cares about when pretty much anyone playing this game is probably capable of typing "Champions League anthem" into YouTube.

Despite all of that, have I already preordered it and am looking forward to playing FM 23.