Football Manager Series Catch-All

davet010 wrote:

We stumbled after the winter break, my main striker deciding that scoring 15 goals before Xmas meant he'd done his bit for the year, and he ended up with only 20.

I've had this happen repeatedly in FM20. I wonder if there is an algorithm that identifies strikers with a certain level of performance, then applies some sort of counter tactics on them to take them out of the game.

I was never happy with my AMR and AML, so kept changing them - that probably disrupted him a bit. Looking back at the season, I also took him off penalty taking after he missed the vital one in our Pokal loss to Hertha Berlin, so that would have been a few more otherwise.

The worry is that our scouts now have him flagged as a 2.BL talent, which ain't too useful now. He might just be one of those players who you love when he gets you out of a division, but in your heart of hearts you know that he just ain't going to cut it in the big league. Unfortunately both of my alternatives are new to the team, so they're an unknown quantity at the moment.