Verizon email on AOL blocking senders...

I find that since Verizon moved its email domain to AOL, the spam detection is *awesome*. Very little gets through. Unfortunately, though, it now blocks my account verification emails from some places like Teamspeak without notification.

Anyone know how to fix that so that I can sign up for stuff again?

Have you tried opening a trouble ticket? They might be able to fix it for you, or at least tell you how to fix it yourself.

Yeah... Was hoping it was something people knew about. I'll probably do that today.

I'd rather not switch providers, dhelor, I've had this email address forever and it would take a looong time to change it over.

Found it... I have to log into the AOL mail app to get Spam controls.

Just a bit of advice to think about and for others that might read this thread, generally you shouldn't use your ISP for your email. It is a way to lock you into their service and it is harder to change your ISP if a better one comes along, or you move to a new home.

I'm fond of running my own.