Video: Path of Exile


The "Fall of Oriath" expansion launched last week for Path of Exile, and has driven me out from my damp, musty seclusion under a rock somewhere to get back into making some Let's Play videos. As promised in this week's GWJ Conference Call, I have more to say about the game than I hit on in the show.

I don't go deep into the basic tutorial of the game – I'm still learning much of that myself – but I do spend a good bit of time diving into what makes a game like this work for me.

Path of Exile is free to play, with no pay-to-win elements. The vast majority of any microtransactions are cosmetic, with only a few quality-of-life items such as extended or improved stash tabs. If you want to try out the game yourself, it's available on Steam as well as

And, of course if you want to see the game in action first, well I just happen to have some videos for that.

Full playlist here

Video 1 – Act 1 (Righteous Fire Totem Build)

Video 2 – Act 1 Continued

Video 3 – Act 1 Complete

Video 4 – Act 2 Begin


Late to this party, but in case you're watching this thread - what is the item filter you're using and how does one go about that?