What was the first game you ever played online?

I’m pretty sure the first game I ever played online was Duke Nukem 3d. I have a pretty vivid memory of arriving at college and hearing some guys in my dorm playing against each other and being blown away that you could play a video game against someone in a different room. I had known that was possible from articles in video games magazines and what not, but I don’t think I had ever seen it happen. I quickly got a copy myself and hooked up to the dorm’s internet and soon was playing match after match into the night.

What was your first online game?

I can't quite remember, except that it wasn't anything on a Nintendo system.

If directly dialing to someone's modem counts, then it was DooM.

If connecting via an ISP is the condition for "online", then I think it was Quake.

Tradewars, played on a local BBS.

I also did the Doom thing.

I think it was Forza on the original Xbox, circa 2004, closely followed by Halo. I wonder what fellow UK or EU goodjers will say. Is it just my imagination, or was UK internet way behind the US? I often read anecdotes on this forum, or hear them on the conference call, of routine online gaming in the late 90's. My recollection is that it wasn't very widespread at all in the UK at that time, but I accept I could have been living in a bit of a bubble.

Descent via null modem.

A MUD. My friend was jealous of my 2400 baud modem, because it actually spit out text faster than you could read it. Then he got a 9600 and that blew us away because you could stack a ton of moves and the screen would almost keep up with you.

First networked experience of any type was a LAN, playing Doom in the engineering computing lab at college. Next step would have been directly calling my best friend's PC via modem, playing Warcraft 2. Actually using dial-up internet would have been playing some kind of online flight sim around 1997 against the other guys from work.

It was either a MUD or Warcraft 2. I sometimes miss the AOL days where you'd go to a chatroom to find people to play against.

Delbin wrote:

It was either a MUD or Warcraft 2. I sometimes miss the AOL days where you'd go to a chatroom to find people to play against.

The Switch isn't far off from that experience.

Toril would have been the first since friends played it, but I didn't last. Usurper grabbed me instead, and I played that a lot.

I remember my first online game quite vividly, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II when I was 10 years old. I saw my cousin playing it and even without multiplayer it looked like so much fun. Then I got it and experienced it for myself. Lightsaber duels. Force powers. Capture the Flag. A super-active modding/mapmaking community with some phenomenal custom maps, some even with custom programming (Dralloc Mall, Drazen Isle, Caesars Palace). Multiplayer games could be started via direct connection, but it was a lot easier to use Microsoft's matchmaking site, the Internet Gaming Zone (which also got me into playing other online games). It was my first exposure to gaming clans. It was my first exposure to a much, much, much larger world.

Hmm, it was definitely either Doom or Neverwinter Nights on AOL. I know it was one of those, though which I'm not sure because my playing them online did not correspond to their release dates.

Edit: No wait that's a lie! It was Legend of the Red Dragon on my friend's BBS.

Diablo 2 on a 56K modem that was more often at 28.8K.

I was blown away at playing with others from all around the world. Having multiple players working together was amazing.

Good old keyboard typing for communication. No headset nonsense. Chat to everyone. Chat to party only. Whisper to friends in other games. No need for banter to fill silent moments. Good times.

I have a very clear memory of playing Unreal Tournament via LAN at my school library. I must have been in 7th grade, about 13-14 years old. It was my first experience with WASD + mouse movement, and I got destroyed. A year later, I had a bounty on my head due to being a little too good with the sniper on Facing Worlds.

Actual online, perhaps Counter Strike 1.6. Thought I was good while LANing at school, and was promptly cut back down to size when I went online. Definitely eye-opening! This was just before YouTube and way before streaming, so I really had no idea how good you could get at FPS games.

Pretty sure it was a PBEM game of Paranoia on a local dial-up BBS. I don't think we ever got through a whole scenario, but I do remember that my character was the first of the group to get Orange clearance. Mu-ha-ha. Ahem. I mean, thank you, Computer.

Unreal Tournament 2004 I think


I think it was Myth: The Fallen Lords.

I think it was Descent probably followed by the original Diablo. Diablo was the game that forced me to have to get my own line so my parents picking up the phone would stop disconnecting me.

An old BBS RPG called Legend of the Red Dragon. It was over 20 years ago and I was only about 4 or 5 at the time, so I remember very little about it.

BatMUD or one of the others must have been the first online game for me. Of the more graphical ones, Doom and Air Warrior spring to mind. Good times.

Tthe first online game I remember playing was Links (/9598?) with the friend who got me interested in golf.

I think it was Command and Conquer if directly connecting via modem counts. If it doesn't, I think MPBT on AOL was the first truly internet hosted game I played.

Reaper81 wrote:

Descent via null modem.

This and Doom were the first multiplayer gaming my family had though I don't think we can count it as internet since it was a direct cable connection in the same house.

Diablo was the first online gaming experience I really remember because I started a guild and did all kinds of social stuff with gaming I'd never done before.

I'm pretty sure Starcraft was my first one. I think I had tried to get some modem games going with a friend of Doom but we never figured out how to get it to work.

I'm thinking it must have been Starcraft as well. I was awful at RTS multiplayer as a youth (still am, but now at least have somewhat more appreciation for strategy and mental/physical agility required to play competitively). So I don't remember getting much out of the multiplayer experience other than enjoying the game, in general.

I came to online gaming very late. I played a couple of browser-based games in the early 2000s, but didn't take the plunge with online multiplayer until Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2007.

I think a friend and I played Descent together. The first time I played online with random people was Jedi Knight. Lightsaber battles were fun.

I may have popped into some games for some easy Trophies, but the first game I played seriously online was Destiny. And if you look at my Destiny character, some would argue that I didn't even do that seriously.

NoName, Ronin, and Gizmo MUDs (multi-user dungeon). A green-screen text based MMORPG that you connected through a telnet client. I think I started playing in the early 90's or so.