GWJ Conference Call Episode 564


00:02:42 Vostok Inc
00:10:24 Gorn (VR)
00:14:06 Just in Time Incorporated (VR)
00:17:06 Pyre
00:24:05 Law Breakers
00:25:52 Splatoon 2
00:30:43 Miitopia (3DS)
00:35:26 The State of VR
00:53:04 Your Emails

Hi! I am on this podcast sometimes and also have a Switch.

Grinding isn't really a mandatory part of RPG design, Pokemon is just a very old style RPG in this way. There's a lot of more recent RPGs where grinding is almost non-existent, you can get all the EXP you need just by going through the game. Chrono Trigger, Okage: The Shadow King, the Suikoden series, most of the Zeboyd RPGs, Final Fantasy 13, etc are games where there's no real grinding to go through the bulk of the game.

Can I just say I wish Polygon would pay Charlie Hall to be an embedded war correspondent in EVE and Elite?

Amoebic wrote:

Hi! I am on this podcast sometimes and also have a Switch. :D

I am on this podcast much less often, but I make up for it by having two Switches. (One is my wife's, but still...)

I'm not on this podcast at all, and I've got a Switch...sitting in a my parent's house...waiting for Christmas (its for my kids...I swear!)

A seven minute discussion of Pyre without any mention of the incredible music? It is so good.

Every parent is different, I suppose.