GWJ Conference Call Episode 563

Fortnite, Destiny 2 Beta, Fire Pro Wrestling World, Antihero Multiplayer, Super Hot PSVR, Kingdoms and Castles, Albion Online, The Games You Played at 18, Your Emails and More!

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This week Shawn, Cory, Allen and Julian talk about what they were playing at 18 and how they hold up today.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:02:27 Fortnite
00:15:31 Fire Pro Wrestling World
00:22:37 Kingdoms and Castles
00:27:20 Destiny 2
00:34:22 SuperHot VR
00:39:58 Albion Online
00:43:11 Antihero
00:45:20 The Games You Played at 18
00:56:45 Your Emails

Well...what's Cory's Skype avatar?

"The Summer of '69 Problem" LOVE that phrase. So true. For many many things, not just video games. It’s impossible to truly experience something the same as you did when you were in a radically different phase of your life because . . . you’re radically different.

I was going to post my age-18 games here, but I guess I'll move it over to the original thread instead.

Note that for Fortnite, the Founders Coins are a temporary currency for the first month of Early Access ("Founders Month") as I understand it. It's kind of a launch novelty. I think it's cool but I'm so biased it's almost obscene.

ETA: It's out for PS4 and Xbone as well.

Hey, I got Thread of the Week!

It was 1995 when I turned 18. That was the year Marvel Super Heroes hit arcades. Also Area 51, which is one of my favorite light-gun games of all time. I still have a PS1 disc of it, and I never owned a PS1.

I had an Atari Jaguar, which I took to college with me, and was playing Alien vs Predator on it.

We also had a Macintosh LC2, on which I played Spectre VR and Crystal Quest.

As you can see, I come by my reputation honest.

I'd love to try some of those oldies again, just to see if they hold up. I expect Area 51 would, if it were calibrated. I have 2 Jaguars in my basement. If I could figure out a cost effective way to stream from one of them I'd love to see if Alien vs Predator, or any of the other games, holds up.