2017/18 Soccer Thread

Oh God. Here we go.



Nerve settler. Long way to go still.

That boy is freaking amazing.

Ashton Villa has looked second best so far. Feels like it should be more than 1-0.

The second half will be the end of me, I swear.

I was indifferent, then I saw John Terry.

jowner wrote:

I was indifferent, then I saw John Terry.

I want a John Terry own goal.

Oh God. Dennis Odoi. Oh no.

Ruh Roh!



Congrats Pred!

Many congratulations to Fulham, who deserved it in the end. Far better side than Villa, who have really only got a couple of decent players.


And speaking of average white English managers - haha, Steve Bruce.

But better than that was the most delicious sight - John Terry looking upset (or he will in about 5 minutes, when it filters through to his hind brain). You know when you were on about getting a contract clause that you wouldn't have to face Chelsea. Well John, in Greek tragedy that's known as hubris. I think you have now had a chance to see what nemesis looks like.

Congrats Prederick!

I can only imagine how nerve wracking that must have been.

Godzilla Blitz wrote:

Congrats Prederick!

I can only imagine how nerve wracking that must have been. :)

Unbelievably. It's one of the ultimate cliches, but that was such a game of two halves. Villa will be (and should be) absolutely gutted not to have equalized. Jack Grealish is very, very, very, very good.

So, a few notes:

- Dennis Odoi... well, thank goodness that ended well, eh? Gets to stay the Semi-Final hero who got us there.

- Tom Cairney. Captain, Leader, Legend, et cetera.

- Ryan Sessegnon, again, just great. All of you stay away from him.

- And, in a touch I enjoyed, Tim Ream, our American centre-back was an absolute rock at the back today.

Fulham is back in the Premier League, and I'm willing to wager we'll be able to hang on to Sess, Cairney, and Jokanović. There's a long summer ahead, and some people will stay and some will go, but I gotta admit, at this moment, I'm quietly confident this team will be good enough to stay up next year.

I would think that they are at least better than Southampton, Huddersfield and Cardiff, though much is dependent on who goes and who comes in, as with most teams.

Shad Khan's gotta open the pocketbook and make sure we hang on to Mitrovic, first and foremost.

Anyway, here we go in Kiev!

F**king Sergio Ramos.

Chris Waddle — Ex-England winger on BBC Radio 5 live wrote:

For 35 mins Liverpool played as expected. In the last 10 minutes they came of the pace, not sure why, and Real Madrid have looked dangerous.

Is... is he genuinely that stupid?

Didn't I see about 50 goals like that on ESPN's Highly Questionable?

I thought you couldn't interfere with the goalkeeper distributing the ball.

Well, thank you Sadio Mane.

The rumor is that it's a dislocated shoulder for Salah, which means he'll miss the World Cup too.

That was a filthy kick from Bale.

What a brilliant goal from Bale.

Still think this Real Madrid side winning three European Cups in a row will be a travesty because there's nothing particularly interesting about them.

Rather fond of Gareth, at least. That was on the level of Zidane vs. Leverkusen in 2002 though.

Karius has somehow made several game-saving saves while also having the single-biggest brainfart in recent CL Final history.

EDIT: Nevermind. Karius literally handed this to Madrid.

Remember, Karius is the better Liverpool goalkeeper.

I feel sorry for him. Two howlers in the biggest game of his career.

Seriously. This isn't even a iffy 50/50 thing. If he doesn't make two gigantic errors, this is 1-1 and headed to extra time.

Prederick wrote:

The rumor is that it's a dislocated shoulder for Salah, which means he'll miss the World Cup too.

Seeing now that it's only 2-3 weeks. But man, Karius. And six straight L's in Finals for Jurgen.

Meanwhile, in three years on the job that's a 8-0 record in Finals for Zidane, three straight Champions League victories, and, hilariously, only one league title? Dude was about to get fired four months ago.