Monster Hunter World Catch-All

I had a good time running around the Guiding Lands with you tonight! It's really my favorite way to play MH; run around, fight whatever you see, faints don't really matter.

Don't Eff with those monkeys! Lesson Learned!

I have a new shotgun, and I need some fresh monsters today to test it on!

Anyone remember the Cobra Buzz Boar?

You should post that death screen!

You mean this one, with my dishonorable spiky death? IMAGE(

Is your name Kenny? Because next week, you'd better have those Logins.


It's our last Monday before Alatreon hits! It feels like this guy has been hanging over our heads for ages now. And looking back, the initial reveal trailer was March 21, so that's not too far off the mark. These last three months have been ten years long.

PS4, 5pm PST, good times.

I might be able to make it this week. Looking forward to it!

Alatreon has quite a learning curve, but once you figure out how to avoid his telegraphed attacks, he has some pretty big openings to deal damage.

If anybody's up for some PC hunts, I'm available most of the weekend.

I thought I was out, but then everyone put on Carnival costumes and pulled me back in. More Monster Hunting? Monday, PS4, about 5-8 PST. I wouldn't mind doing some of the event quests that grant large crowns, but if you're feeling up to Kulve Taroth or Alatreon, I am there for you!

I should be able to be there tonight for about an hour (but will need to leave at 9 EST). I might show up a bit early, in case anyone wants to join. Not sure what I'm in the mood for.

Another Monday, another Monster Hunter Monday on PS4!

It's been slow, admittedly, but I really like the people who do show up to get a few hunts in. It's probably trailing off, though.

So, I think a good milestone is Iceborne's anniversary! I'll keep showing up on Monday until the end of the anniversary festivals, the end of September. After that, it may not be my regular thing, but I'm still down to play whenever I'm online!

Keeping this going until the end of September sounds like a good idea! If all goes well, I should be able to show up tonight.

And here we are! Tonight's supposed to be our last regular Monster Hunter Monday.

In actuality, with Fatalis coming out, I still have a little more to do before I can put World to rest. So I'll definitely show up on the 5th, and maybe the week after that, too.

It's been a good run! Not just MH Mondays, but Monster Hunter World as a whole. It's almost certainly been the defining game of the generation for me.