Monster Hunter World Catch-All

Insect Glaive is basically the perfect balance of complex enough to be engaging, mobile enough to feel quick and light, and airborne enough to be endlessly entertaining. It owns.

Motleyai wrote:

Picked up hammer again recently but I want something a tad more complex. Maybe I'll jump to Long Sword or Lance? I can't hunting horn for the life of me, but I do love the doots. My problem right now is I've got too much recklessness because of CB. I see a scream or attack animation and I think, ooh "Guard point" and then I think "sh*t, I'm hammering" Need to discover good spacing and pacing for those non-shield weapons.

It can take a bit of adjusting to go from a shield weapon to one without. I'd highly recommend starting with a more defensive set while learning. Health Boost 3 is a must, and then maybe something with Evade Window, Evade Extender, or Divine Blessing.

One of my absolute favorite Hunting Horn setups is Health Boost 3, Recovery Speed 3, Divine Blessing 3 (or 5, if you have access to Gold Rath armor), Horn Maestro 2, and then whatever offensive skills I can fit. I think my current set still has Crit Eye 5, Weakness Exploit 3, and Crit Boost 3 with all that. Then I run the Bazelgeuse Horn so I can have songs for Attack Up L, Recovery Speed L, and Extended Recovery.

The beauty of this set is that the Recovery Speed buffs all stack with each other:

So with just the armor skill, Recovery Song, and and Immunizer, you recover any red health at a rate of 21 HP/sec. It's so fast that it's impossible for a monster to damage you a second time before your red health has fully recovered. And once all of your red health is recovered, the Extended Recovery song starts ticking to heal you over time. It's hilarious and fun. I have been using this set to tank the newest raid boss. It's rare I even come close to dying.

It's back! Who wants to join me in my crusade against the ancient Leshen? Getting pubbies to free you with fire when the root cage

It's Monster Hunter Monday, but I can't make it again today! December has been busy. The last three days have included a play, The Rise of Skywalker, driving to another city for a wedding, and a 10-hour session to finish Betrayal Legacy. Today is a party to celebrate the end of some medical treatment for my wife.

The new winter festival is beautiful, the weapons are powerful, and there's a ton of new content to explore! Get together from 5-8 PST today, and I'll try to be available next week, if you are. I'll already be away from home at a multi-day New Year's party, but I should be able to borrow the PS4 and take a couple hours to do some hunting.

Videohead, if you'd like to take on the Leshen tomorrow, I'd be in for that.

I should be able to join for some time tonight. And later this week as well, I’m off for the holidays.

Sorry, forgot to post earlier that I also won't be able to make it tonight. I should be on later this week for some festival hunting if others are around.

I also won't be in for the same reasons. We did sort of predict that this would happen over the holidays so it's not a big deal. More reason to play in January. Merry Christmas, everyone!

It seems I've hit the first real rough patch of the main story. I've fought a Legania, Odogaron, and a Diablos in rapid succession, and they've been the first, second, and third wipes total wipes I've had so far. I got all of them on the second try, although I think both Odogaron and Diablos carted my twice on my second try, so both were pretty close. Odogaron was probably the hardest because of how fast he moved, and the bleeding was a serious pain. Diablos was weird; he ignored me when I approached him, so I dropped a wyvern fire in his face and broke off a horn to start the second fight, and then my main strategy was keep the shield up at all times, and shell the crap out of him when he went underground and came back up, since there was a huge opening as he was digging out after his first hit. This worked flawlessly except for when I tried to reload my gunlance at the wrong time, at which point I was usually OHKOed. I think I'm gonna try to farm the Diablos to get a Monster Bone and thus a better weapon before I try to take on the Rathalos.

The shield is the real MVP of this game. It covers my inability to dodge well over and over again.

Wish there was Cross play to help you out!

Also: I finally beat that Ancient Leshen! I HAVE THE POWER!

And a better witcher sword.

Looks like they added a Third tier update to keep it pace with the rest of Icebourne. I have the Leshen parts for it, but the other parts are all ?. So many monster yet to fight!

I do have the Steam MHW and I think we're Steam friends already so give me a ring when we're both online on the client. I am also a shield user but I also use non-shielded weapons. The Charge Blade is a good interim for this because it has both a passive block and an active block and once you're used to active blocking, iframe-dodging monster attacks starts to look reasonable.

Do get a better weapon. That's the core loop and fun of MHW. I wouldn't be in a hurry to get to endgame. It's alright but it doesn't last forever, so enjoy the ride as you go.

I'm down for tonight! Anyone else back?

I should be able to join as well.

Bah, I'm out again tonight for family stuff. I should be playing on and off during the week. I haven't had a chance to do any of the winter festival stuff yet.

I'm good for tonight! We are having a big board game weekend, but I'm between games for a while. I'll hop on in a few minutes.

I might be on later tonight, as I'm going out to dinner with some folk! But Hey, I finally beat the Stygian, and should have access to the Safi at last!

Quality monster hunting taking down the Stygian! I'm always down for more Safi'jiiva runs.

Happy 2020! It is the first Monday of the decade, my dudes, and that means Monster Hunter Monday from 5-8pm PST, 8-11 EST, etc.

We hunt monsters and don't worry too much about setbacks or meta builds or such. I'm BeriAlpha on PSN; message me and we'll get you into the Monster Hunter Mondays squad!

All of the festival quests and Safi'jiva ended last night You'll have to wait for the next round of events to try again.

Unfortunately, I have to go one more Monday without participating. Busy week coming back from holidays.

That seemed to go by quickly, with being tied up the holidays! It's a little relieving; seeing that long list of event quests during a festival is a pain to navigate.

Well, it looks like a bunch of the Horizon stuff is still in play, and I could still use some parts there. And next week, Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth returns! I also think we're all just about to the long endgame lands, and running around there for a few hours with no immediate goal would be excellent.

Oh nice. I stopped playing right before Kulve Taroth in the base game, so I'm eager to check out that fight.

I managed to fully upgraded a Safi charge blade, hunting horn, light bowgun, and lance before the event ended, so I've got several new toys to play with.

Monday approaches!

I've rebuilt my build, and I'm ready to slaughter poor Kulve Taroth. Unfortunately, her once-dominant equipment is pretty much obsolete from Iceborne. But monster hunting is its own well as extremely profitable! If anyone's still having money troubles, a few rounds of showering in gold should take care of it.

Beyond that, I am very enthused about getting everyone through Iceborne's story. A lot of stuff opens up very soon. I will work on some gear right now to help us bring down ? ? ?

The Kulve siege is really quite fun, especially without the stress of caring what weapons turn out in the end!

I tend to bounce around weapons but my favorites are the charge blade, switch axe, bow, and insect glaive.

I hadn't loaded up MHW for about 5-6 months, and finally grabbed Iceborne this morning. I loaded it up and figured I'd take on a Great Jagras to see how rusty I was, and was getting my ass kicked pretty handedly even before Bazelgeuse showed up uninvited and one shot me.

I stopped playing not long after I finished the last mission. Grinding out the harder monsters didn't really keep me interested, but I figured the expansion might pull me back in a bit. We'll see.

Not sure if I will make it tonight. I finally put together a final armor set for the Gold Rath switch axe. I'd be up for anything. I'm mainly just looking for phantomcore ore and great spiritvein gems at the moment.

I think my Plus sub is running out and I'm not sure if I want to renew or switch to PC...

Couldn't make it tonight due to... circumstances. Will hopefully be able to make it next week, but no guarantees.

The PC Iceborne is out, so I’m now going to be on PC.

Thanks for the hunts last night on Ps4. We showed that giant golden goat-dragon that it can't walk around peacefully underground while we're around!

LarryC wrote:

The PC Iceborne is out, so I’m now going to be on PC.

Glad to hear it. Iceborne is reactivating quite a few of the PC players. I think we had 6 players on the Discord last night from around 9-12pm PST.

Atomicvideohead wrote:

Thanks for the hunts last night on Ps4. We showed that giant golden goat-dragon that it can't walk around peacefully underground while we're around!

Yeah, I had a really fun time with it! We came very close to doing a single-run completion; that took some intense coordination before, but all the Master Rank boosts have made it a bit more doable. Two quick runs isn't bad at all.

Sorry to lose LarryC, but glad to see that Iceborne is bringing some PC players back!

How's about we plan for an hour later, 6pm PST? Might be smoother with everyone's schedules, I don't know.

And if you have MLK holiday plans, I totally understand that, too!

Yeah, tonight is looking tough for me. That's ok though. The Appreciation Fest will be on next week, so we will have plenty of stuff to look forward too. I mean, who isn't salivating for this armor set?