Monster Hunter World Catch-All

All about the presence of good mod tools. The ability to create mod monsters and environments would be HUGE for this game.

Somehow I doubt we'll see robust mod tools though. Especially with the general focus on online play.

Some new exciting info from Arekkz who just was in Japan to preview the game. Possibly the most exciting feature that he brought up (but was unable to show) was the addition of Squads. These are basically MMO guilds that create private rooms for you to create parties and interact. What's cool is that custom messages can be added and you can be part of multiple squads and move between them on the fly. What isn't cool is that Squads are capped to 50 members.

Considering the number of players we've had for previous Monster Hunters, I'll be pretty surprised if we make it to 50 people I hope I'm wrong though.

Hmm, according to this PlayStation Blog post, the "demo" is actually a four-day beta exclusive to PS Plus members.

Shadout wrote:

Isn't that what they always say - just before blowing a game up with loot boxes or similar.

Nah dawg, not this time:

Dyni I hope there will be lots of players. What should we call our GWJ guild tho?

gamerparent wrote:

Dyni I hope there will be lots of players. What should we call our GWJ guild tho?

Good question. Let's brainstorm.

Gamers with Jaws
Gamers with Jaggis
Jaggis with Jobs

Cut Cut Cut
Job Hunters
Hunter, You had one job

My vote goes to Job Hunters. #2 is Jaggis with Jobs.

I like Hunters with Jobs.

We were Captains with Jobs in Star Trek, and similar things in other MMOs.

Hunter Stan?
Clan Stan?

My vote is the same as ahrezmendi's

ahrezmendi wrote:

My vote goes to Job Hunters. #2 is Jaggis with Jobs.

I'm down with "Hunters with Jobs" or "Job Hunters"

Job Hunters sounds like we'd all be Gamers Without Jobs

I like Hunters with Jobs, but the Engrish-ization of Job Hunters to Job-Han (like Monster Hunter --> Mon-Han) rolls off the tongue in a nice way.

The best I can come up with is "PaliCo Ltd."

Hunters/Jaggis with Jobs has a nice ring to it.

I'll be streaming MHXX tomorrow for Extra Life. If you're not in GWJ discord I'll post the link later. Come watch, I'll be doing a brief intro to the series, hyping people for World, and then finishing G3 and (with luck) facing Atlal Ka.

So with all the new players coming in for World, this is probably a good time to share the best resources for the game. I'm sure most people have heard of Kiranico, but if not it's the database for all things Monster Hunter. Word is that World will have its own in-game database, so you shouldn't have to rely so heavily on Kiranico, but it'll be worth having bookmarked mostly likely.

Video wise, I strongly recommend subbing and watching all of the following:

Gaijin Hunter - The ambassador of MH. He does tutorial videos for all the weapons, along with news and other fun stuff. Great place to start, especially if you want to pick your weapon.
Rising Fun Gaming - One I found just recently, he posts armor sets and general strategy videos. He's recently been doing a series on all monsters in XX on Switch, so a good resource for how monsters behave and how to approach them.
CantaPerMe - One of if not the best solo time attack hunter. A good example of what we all aspire to be able to do, but also just really fun to watch. Also a good place to find strategies for solo hunts.
Apex - Similar to RFG, though I find his videos aren't as in depth. A good resource to keep an eye on, but I list this one last because it's also least.

Nice list, ahrez. I would add Arrekz as well. I usually prefer Gaijin's videos for tutorial stuff, but Arrekz tends to put out a lot more videos. He covers some stuff Gaijin never gets to.

Canta is amazing for seeing what a weapon and a well-trained hunter is truly capable of.

Funny enough I much prefer Arrekz’s weapon tutorials over GH’s. They actually get to the point of the weapon much faster, which gets the player moving. The motion values, and all the assorted info that comes with that can come later when it actually matters.

Oh yeah, I forgot Arekkz Gaming. Thanks for the reminder.

I wish this was coming to Switch, as that would triple how much play time I got, but I'll be picking it up anyway. Looking forward to playing with some folks here.

Import XX from the eShop and play with me. I'm about to hit G4, as soon as I finish my Rathalos X armor.

I did enjoy the XX demo. Connecting to Japan eShop was pretty easy to do.

ahrezmendi wrote:

Import XX from the eShop and play with me. I'm about to hit G4, as soon as I finish my Rathalos X armor.

Isn't that just an enhancement of Generations? I burnt out quick on G. And the idea of playing it in Japanese isn't appealing.

World is attractive because it seems different.

It is. I didn't burn out on Generations, it's a huge improvement over 4U, but if you did then XX probably won't do it for you.

I'm not expecting World to shake up the MH formula very much. Sure it'll be one seamless environment, and you have much better in-game information reporting, but the core loop I expect to remain the same.

I don't know if I'd call XX/Generations a "huge improvement" over 4U. They're pretty darn similar and I liked 4U slightly more.

I argue that Arts and Styles alone make X significantly different, even if you don't find them to be an improvement.

Does XX on the Switch have an English option??