Monster Hunter World Catch-All

Gimpy_Butzke wrote:

100 days to MHW is fantastic.

No it's not. I have Warframe to Play, Destiny 2 Expansion by then, Still want to do Nier Autamota, Escape from Tarkov, R6Siege/PUBG as always.


Warframe? I think you'll be okay bud.

drdoak wrote:

Warframe? I think you'll be okay bud.

Pff that sh*t is good. Also first time I've ever gotten into a MMO ish game of that scale this late in the game and there is just years of content to go through.

I have to admit, I've also gotten into Warframe a bit recently. I had no idea, all these years, it is what it is. Although, I'm not sure how much I'll really keep playing it.

Warframe scratches my obsessive need to collect and craft. There's 1000000000 different resources,blueprints, etc. Game play is...OK, but getting better as I get to harder stuff

99 days to go.

PS2 Monster Hunter - My first MH experience.

My first victory against Rathalos had me in area 5 with under a minute to go on the timer and zero meds. It was such a thrilling and adrenaline pumping fight. Rathalos from the original MH is also one of the most annoying monsters because I have never gotten a Rathalos Plate to drop after hours upon hours of farming.

Desire sensor in full effect.

I wonder if it will be operational in Monster Hunter World. Surely not...

I'm torn between going on blackout for the next 100 days for this game or going whole hog and consuming every single article, video, etc. leading up to release.

Anyone else considering a blackout?

I'm not going on blackout, but I'm not seeking every bit of info on the game. I was all in at the 5 second mark (when I immediately recognized the design of a MH greatsword) of the reveal trailer.

Me too, this isn't a story game so I don't care about blackout. I want to see everything I can so I can pick my weapon. I'm thinking greatsword, cause I see a lot of them in G rank XX, and they look fun.

I'm watching all the things. So many weapons look like fun. My main, the Hunting Horn, looks amazing. I'm also looking at the Gunlance since it looks like it got a serious upgrade as well with all the extra shots.

I'm watching weapon stuff and not much else from here on out. I don't want to see all of the monsters and areas ahead of time if I can help it.

I want to go in fresh to the new maps and monsters, sticking to weapon stuff now as well. Maybe this is finally the time to check out gunlance or lance properly?! They always seemed so unwieldy previously.

I've always been a switch ax and heavy gunner, hoping atleast one of those is still satisfying. The new ranged controls look promising.

Perhaps a good video to add to the first post?

This might be old news, but we're getting a playable demo on Dec 9th (as reported by Kotaku).

Not sure if I'll get it, but it will be hard to resist. Especially since I can play as Aloy.

Oops, too slow. I'm sure to check it out. Aloy does nothing for me though.

Out of respect for those on blackout.


Also: that trailer is f*cking awesome.

...I cracked. I watched the trailer. The pull of the MH tease was too strong. Looks amazing, and a demo in less than 6 weeks!

Cracked as well. I mean trailers are fine, but I'm not watching the 15 minute gameplay videos. No sirrree, not going to happen. Nope.

The HZD Palico looks adorable.

Suvanto wrote:

The HZD Palico looks adorable.


As HZD will almost definitely be my GOTY then playing as Aloy might mean I'd be a little more invested.

Damn I was thinking about trading in PS4 for a Switch in the new year, but I can't miss this...

I have to admit, the Aloy content definitely makes me want to pick this up. I'm glad they'll be dropping a demo, I haven't played a MH game (though I've played games in the MH genre), so I'm looking forward to dipping my toes in before buying.

Not to burst any bubbles, but Aloy is probably going to be exactly like all of their other partnerships: an outfit that makes you look like Aloy and a couple special weapons that fit her theme. They've done stuff like this for all the old games, like this Link outfit:

or this Sonic outfit for your cat:

The Aloy one looks a lot more detailed, but I'd be surprised if it were anything more than a skin and a couple weapons.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Aloy model makes use of the new pseudo-transmog system like the deluxe edition samurai armor. At least if that's true, you'll be able to equip whatever armor you want and not have to deal with the limited time sub-par set.


Is that an Uragaan variant? I LOVE IT!

drdoak wrote:

Is that an Uragaan variant? I LOVE IT!


So far, yes. It's a monster that uses the Uragaan skeleton. The black on the skin is tar that it secretes, and it rolls in bones to create the armor you see on it. The armor can be broken for vulnerable spots (supposedly).

How Monster Hunter: World is changing the series to bring in more players

The most important part:

We knew we don't want to make changes that will make people who are familiar with the series pick it up and say, ’Well, they've changed the game I loved,’” he said. “We want to make the game that you love better than ever and bring more people on so it's got even more fans.

Isn't that what they always say - just before blowing a game up with loot boxes or similar.

Aloy model makes it a bit harder to go for the PC version. Hopefully PC modders will DO SOMETHING!