BioWare's Anthem Catch-All

Shoot. Thanks for the invite though.

I’m enjoying the combat but no interest in the story.

From Polygon:
If you want to get through the campaign as quickly as possible, save the conversations for later when you’re done with the story and can burn through the dialogue in town all at once.

I’m not clear on how to select campaign missions. Looking to open loot, tweak armor at forge and hop back in. Guidance appreciated!


I think you HAVE to talk to some people to keep the campaign moving. As you talk to the (obviously important people) they will give you stuff to do. Then you can do the change missions thing before launch and find the main mission on the map if it isn’t already selected. (Hope that helps)

And yeah the I love the movement and combat.

Thank you. That makes sense. Maybe I misunderstood Polygon’s comment.