LOGistICAL - Sublime Logistical Strategy Puzzling

Carlbear95 wrote:

The initial "opening" of NZ isn't too bad, but if you're like me, you'll probably run into what seems like a significant road block after a bit. You can read above to see how it gets resolved, but bang your head against the wall a bit like I did, as that will probably open up a few more things you didn't find the first time, then once your at your wits end, consider opening up my spoiler that I posted on the previous page.

The time has come Polypusher On Page 19, "Objective - Get wheat production on North Island."


Also re: ships, short answer yes.. Ships can only go to ports (anchors). They can help "build" ports by bringing goods to uncompleted ports, just like a truck, but you can't actually "use" the port as a storage place until its built. Minor spoiler, but once you get trains you'll have the same problem. Only certain towns/businesses are actually "on" the train route even though many look like they pass right by them.

One other tip about ships.. once you are using them to move goods between ports, be sure you pay attention to the vehicle list and confirm the departure/arrival. It is still not clear to me for ships if you drag your good from destination to origin (like you do for suppling industry) or the other way around. I am almost 100% sure that whatever I do is the opposite of what I want it to do regardless of which way or how often I do it. I'm now to the point where I actually move the ship off the port, and power it off before setting the cargo and direction to save me frustration

I tend to forget that just selling goods to a place earns money. Went from 20k to 150k so far supplying what I can to Port of Tauranga. Doing the rest should get me a steel plant on the south island. I think thats the last bottleneck.

Edit: Im just throwing boats that will get gobbled up by a town to earn the rest. It'll be wasted, sort of, because Im not planning on finishing the demand there (2400) but its valuable. Actually I cant tell if they're gobbling them. Its a mailbox with a population. I assume anything with a population eats the materials I supply over time (mmmm boats) but maybe that's strictly towns?

Mailboxes don’t consume, only towns do (usually blue, building icons) you can definitely use it as a dumping ground for selling goods.

Carl, any transfer that *could* be bidirectional (like from a port depot to a rail one) will have goods moving in one direction or another on the arrow when you drag to set up the transfer. If the goods are going the wrong way, just drag off of the destination and back on, and the flow will reverse. No need to power off.

Poly, only large circles, and small circles with a listed population in their description box will consume over time until they turn green. All others, you can drop stuff off at any time and it applies towards the goal and never gets eaten. However, if the location consumes, and you drop off too much stuff without filling it, the game realizes you are gaming the system and refuses to pay for any more of those goods at that location. Naughty naughty!

Remember, large circles count as towns, small ones as mailboxes (ie, tiny villages), museums, points of interest, zoo exhibits and so forth. If they are yellow, that means the goods they take in apply to the 2/8 rule, when they are finished; if they are white, they have multiple choice goods which don't affect the 2/8 rule.

2/8 rule?

If you have an industry completed to level 3, but you don’t see it in your regions industry build list, you need to finish 2 towns AND 8 businesses that require that good, not as part of a selection wheel, before you can build that industry in that region. Some regions, however, like Russia, don’t have this restriction; they just have a list of industries you can build.

Robear wrote:

Carl, any transfer that *could* be bidirectional (like from a port depot to a rail one) will have goods moving in one direction or another on the arrow when you drag to set up the transfer. If the goods are going the wrong way, just drag off of the destination and back on, and the flow will reverse. No need to power off

haha ok I'll try it but if my ship takes my 40 bricks I had left in Botany Bay, and tries moving it back to New Zealand where I had 1000 bricks, i'll blame you.

Some new content added today, see the #announcements channel in the Discord for info. Port in Egypt, Greek Islands, The Vatican and San Marino, Yemen, Qatar and other areas are now open for business.

Carlbear95 wrote:

haha ok I'll try it but if my ship takes my 40 bricks I had left in Botany Bay, and tries moving it back to New Zealand where I had 1000 bricks, i'll blame you.

I played like 150 hours before I figured that out, and I still forget to check sometimes, so I'm not taking that blame!

Before I dump way too much money into it... how do Ocean Floaties work? I finally did a town that opened up a whole lotta cash (Busan) so I have the money but I don't want to make my Ship mistake. Does it make a truck act like a ship? Basically turns it into an amphibious vehicle? I get I need the small floaties to take the little ferry ways, but will an Ocean Floaty let me take a truck from NZ to Australia or Japan? If so do I need a port or some other unlock aside from just purchasing the floatie?

I have only put ocean floaties on a 1 ton truck that I use for initial exploitation in areas. I haven’t had the money or the need to do more.

They allow a truck to enter a port and be loaded onto a notional ship (the speedometer shows a “Load Truck” prompt). Then you can drag it to another port and unload it there.

Made some big breakthroughs I've been waiting for for months last night, and it was just satisfying expanding into new areas. The moments when you do something get big results, that's truly satisfying puzzling.

Yeah, i"m not sure I'll define it as "puzzling" but when you identify that one blocking item (it has been dynamite for me)... then you find dynamite! and its so exciting... until you realize it requires another supply you haven't found.. so you keep exploring, opening, completing... until the last corner... GUNPOWDER! And you now have a new key that unlocks so much more.

Finally seeing things like Crates, Wire and Dynamite is such an exciting feeling What I find "stressful" is that I love efficiency, so I want everything moving, nothing idle. I know I have towns/businesses that I need to complete on 3 separate areas, all the while moving a ship(s) back and forth supplying missing goods and my loan truck in Germany and US opening stuff of. But because of the interface and how it all works, its basically impossible. I wish there was a queue system... I want the ship bringing Comodity X from Japan to Australia and then that ship bring Commodity Y back from Australia to Japan.. but you can't do that automatically, and that drives me crazy. I'm sure that was the intent.. but man I wish there was a queueing system.

Is there a way to remove storage from a port? I find my original northern NZ port is getting filled up with stuff that I thought I needed but now I don't think I do.

I view it as something like a jigsaw puzzle, but with pieces hidden behind logic puzzles.

I get the desire to automate and queue, but that's not this game. This is "finish and move on", not "plan 5 city chains". For one, you don't have enough vehicles to sustain an actual logistics plan like that, since some cities require 10 inputs, many with sub-inputs. So you need to do those things sequentially, get them set in place, then run your vehicles to carry them in product by product. It's just the way the game is structured. There are several other games out there that do what you want. But they are not this game lol.

You can remove storage by clicking on the $ sign on the lower left of the icon. You'll lose any remaining stored goods in that box, of course. But sometimes that is not an issue, like with goods that are not manufactured but just come out of the ground lol. I do it all the time in my ports as my needs change.

What does the giant padlock on a town mean? It clearly doesn't allow me to start unlocking the town, but nowhere does it say what I need to remove the padlock...

If you hover over it, you'll see two padlocks, one upper, one lower. Click and it explains that the upper one is towns, and the lower businesses. These are how many of each type that uses the output of the factory you want to build that you have to complete in that region before you can unlock the factory for that region.

Remember the "2/8" rule I talked about? This is it. Yep, you're gonna be importing. And note that you still have to level an industry up to its third growth level to be able to even have it on the list.

Note, too, that in some regions, it may not be required, or it may be different numbers. So don't just give up and not check.

Its not Industry/Factory.. the entire town description has a giant padlock on it and I can't move goods INTO the town to try to complete it.


This is in Norway. Basically I can't actually complete towns in Norway, as they all have this padlock. I can complete the little businesses/POIs, just not actual towns.

Oh, right. Yes, that's a mechanic from L2 that made it's way into Norway. It means that you have to complete that many businesses/museums/etc within the small circling radius in order to be able to do the town.

It's just an added puzzle element. Nothing is simple or easy in this game lol.

Just went on sale on Steam for $32. Thinking about jumping in!

If you do, friend me up on Steam (if you haven’t already) and I’ll drop you the Discord invite in chat. That way you don’t have to hunt it down.

Screw it. I'm in. Abandoning my progress from the demo. Clean slate.

No reason to do that, Rezzy. Just go on. Unless you are into the efficiency stat.

So DonDGT showed me one error I made. Small circles that have populations do *not* consume goods. This makes those ones with large resource requirements great places to grind money, as you can deliver at your own pace without fear of consumption. Yesterday was full of Zen money raising.

Pretty sure airports are small circles too.

There are small circles that do consume. There is one, for sure, in northern Japan. Can't say that I've seen any others yet.

I still haven't solved Tennessee..I need more trucks, I suppose. It is holding me back from advancing in other places. But for now, I'm trying to finish off Japan's museums that I haven't yet completed. Almost there.

And I still need to solve Australia. I've looked at it and I haven't figured out what I'm missing. I'll get back to it eventually.

Robear wrote:

No reason to do that, Rezzy. Just go on. Unless you are into the efficiency stat.

I play for Zen, and since I want to play through the new Tutorial fresh I decided that I didn't mind replaying the starter area. Knowing what I know now should make that a whole lot smoother anyway.

Okay, I just didn’t want folks to think you had to do this for some game reason.

Robear wrote:

Okay, I just didn’t want folks to think you had to do this for some game reason. :-)

Speaking of game 'reason.'

I took a screenshot of this game message but I'm too lazy to find a host for it since the drop dead simple way with Picasa was crippled by Google photos... the message reads:
"Roadworks Complete
The road works from Roadworks to Roadworks is now open.

Edit: Also, has this been mentioned yet?
- Complete any region to gain access to a Multi-Nav gizmo.
- Purchase gizmos at any vehicle depot once your vehicle is parked there.
- Select your vehicle and drag an output resource from an industry.
- Instead of a single drop to a town or business, you can continue selecting destinations.
- Check the dragged vehicle for the percentage queued. Once over 100% the truck will stop.
- Click the "Done" button to set the multi-nav in motion.
- Multi-trucks work with multi-nav

Yeah, that's when you take the leftovers from one roadwork and finish another.

Finally I realized how to beat the problem with large depots (like ports, 15 or 30 slots) and wood/plastic/steel. These are used to upgrade depots, but you can end up with a bunch of, say, slots that need wood to expand. That's fine, but if you then need to put a wood storage into the port, you have to upgrade all of the ones before it will take any wood into actual storage.

The answer makes me feel stupid. In this situation, build your wood, plastic and steel storage before anything else.

Sigh. I wish I'd actually connected the dots with this earlier in the game. Instead I ran across it reading the Discord chat. Oh well.

Any chance that it's a population thing? That there's a size of city too small to consume?