LOGistICAL - Sublime Logistical Strategy Puzzling

So I work one region at a time, just jumping around when I feel like it or when I need to set up some supply transfers. That way I'm only working with 4-5 trucks and a train or two, and occasionally a ship or two. Keeps it simple.

That said, if you use the pause function, you could order around 30 trucks and keep all the plates turning simultaneously. You pause a lot, though. Best used if you are blasting through hundreds of small repetitive jobs in a go.

Made some good advances in the US, but it's really dependent on contracts and finding the one damn little road you can fix, but overlooked lol. Still, very rewarding when you find that one little gap that opens up a whole new region.

Kind of hitting a wall, so I threw a question out in the Discord. I feel like I'm missing something lol. We'll see.

...And the wall was shown to me with gentle nudges. I missed a half-centimeter road connection in one country that let me open a crucial town that modified roadblocks, and I'm off again!

Quite an exhausting evening of discovery, but served its purpose. Amazing that one tiny bit of road can be absolutely crucial. Ctrl-M (cycling to find the display that suits you) is the best way to check for missed red circles.

So I've opened up two new areas, through finding two tiny connections I had missed many times. Ctrl-M is not perfect; the roads take time to update and sometimes red circles are obscured by icons or words depending on zoom. Word to the wise. When you get stuck, check your contracts (maybe you can now fulfill one you could not before), and make sure you check for any little road segments you might have missed.

So I've been suspecting for a while that I've missed some resource, what with all the locked roads I keep encountering. So I took a good look at the zoomed out map with a ship selected, and found that there were blue circles I had not investigated. Not sure whether they appeared after completing something else, or whether I was lax earlier. Anyway, turns out there's a port I can complete that I missed earlier, which opens up yet another area. I'm confident this will give me a much-needed boost.

Up around 860 towns and around 2500 smaller sites so far. One country has introduced a new mechanic, a locked town that needs sites within a given radius opened before it can be opened, so that's interesting.

The key to this game is to think creatively and keep plugging away even when you think you are stymied. Frustrating at times but so sweet when you solve a problem that's been bugging you.

Overcame the new mechanic and opened up a new section of the country, and I had to stop at that point. Hoping that contains some new resources to help me with the other stuff I need to open. Resource chains needed to open particular towns are getting a bit long.

For what it's worth, I did end up trying out the LOGistICAL: Earth Demo last week. Boy, that's a rough UI, and the tutorials really don't do a great job of tutorializing, IMHO.

That said, I apparently dropped almost 3 hours into it without even realizing. I got stuck for quite a while - I couldn't see how to progress forward with what was visible, but then I noticed that there were some hollow red circles around the periphery, which opened up swaths of points to visit, including resources I needed that were previously invisible to me - so that was good. And then I finally figured out that places can be upgraded, and how to upgrade them, and once upgraded they are SO much more pleasant to interact with.

I think I see what the core loop is now. I'm still not quite sure it's the right game for me, but the demo remains installed, and I'll probably try it out a bit more, if only to finish off NZ.

Discovery is the first part of the loop when you open a new area, followed by road-fixing and more discovery. Once that is “done”, or at least a large chunk of it, you can turn to filling towns, leveling up industries and planning for opening up the next areas.

The core loop changes with each region, sometimes in small ways (like the mix of small circle sites to bigger ones) and sometimes larger (inter-region goods trades, different mechanics introduced, use of different transport types). As you go along, the game increases in complexity, with contract towns requiring longer and longer chains to build and stage the resources they need.

You can’t complete NZ with the demo, or with a light dip into the game. Completion of countries or regions is end-game stuff, I think. I’m around 900 towns and just finished what’s spoken of on the Discord as “the hardest town in the early game”. So over 100 hours in and I’m still in the “early game”.

It’s hard, it’s frustrating, seems impossible at times, but if you think creatively (and get a hint or reminder now and then) it’s extremely rewarding. If you have questions, drop them in the thread.

Make no mistake; this game is mentally hard, and for an anxious person like me emotionally as well. But tenacity is what it’s all about.

It seems like there's no way to "lose", right? There's no way to back yourself into a corner that can't be overcome just by letting the game idle for a bit?

That’s referred to as a “soft lock”, and there’s only one way that I can think of, which is to have only one truck and then put it into rejuvenation without another one running to count it down to the refresh. But you can get into situations where you maybe spent too much money and have to run goods around to make money. I think, though, you’d really have to misunderstand the game to get in that situation.

That said, you will find yourself in situations where it *looks* like you’re stuck, not money-wise, but progression. In that case, keep filling towns and cities (so as to trigger any contracts that might appear after a certain number of fills), and also closely examine your contracts. Odds are very good that one of them can now be done, where it might not have been doable before (usually due to lack of resources). Oh, and definitely use Ctrl-M to change the map to a plainer version, then grab a truck and look for red circles that you overlooked before. And, I guess, check for things that can go through a quarantine, roads that can be upgraded to let you into previously unreachable areas, and don’t forget about ships and truck floaties.

There are many way to get stuck, and many ways to get unstuck. But I don’t think you can lose.

All this new exploration and opening areas, I had to buy a few vehicles, and now I need to regroup and build some cash. If it's not one thing, it's another.

Ok, so now I can deliver a literal dump truck full of cooked Cheeseburgers to anywhere in NZ. Of course, it's the same dump truck that just transported loads of Manure and Asphalt, but I'm sure it's still hygienic.

That's good progress!

I'm kind of exhausted (we finished our yearly busy season at work with a 16 hour day Tuesday), but I'm about 960 towns and I really want to make 1000 soon. I've uncovered a bunch of new (or new for the region) resources, so I'm going around filling towns and leveling the factories. I have some contracts I have to do, too, but I want to get my feet under me before I finish them. And I rounded up about $3M in cash to bolster my reserves, so that's solved.

Finally hit 1000 towns, which was my goal for the weekend. Still opening up stuff with the new goods.

I appear to be stuck. I need Wire and/or Dynamite in order to upgrade some factories to tier 3, so that I can build new factories on the other side of the quarantine. No idea where to find those. Also, I have a container ship and have successfully circumnavigated the globe, but I can't figure out how to export goods from NZ to a destination; I've built a few storage lockers in the port, and transported goods into those storage lockers, but every time I try to drag those goods to a destination port that claims to need it, it just gives the regular "you can't get there from here" error.

Edit: Never mind. I figured out at least part of my problem. The quarantine applies literally only to that one path between the northern and southern islands of NZ; I could load goods onto a ship from one port and land them at another port. I think NZ's customs department needs to double-check their standards and policies.

Are you still in the demo? That's limited to NZ. You can open up the rest of the game by buying it. Until you have access to outside factories for the upgrade materials, you'll have to make do.

Yeah, you solved one of the game mechanics that you'll take advantage of many times in various ways...

Yup, I'm still in the demo. And now that I've (finally, after 15 hours) run up against the walls of the demo, I think I've had my fill. It's an interesting game. I can definitely get the appeal of having what's essentially a literal Earth-sized "To Do" list of things to check off; some are trivial to do, and some require a lot of thought and planning. There's definitely a little endorphin hit every time that little "town completed" or "industry upgraded" message pops up. I've spent a fair bit of time with the game (and that was all active, not idling/afk), so it's obviously engaging, but I'm still not sure whether it's subjectively "fun". I enjoyed looking at different parts of the globe, and this helped put some interesting perspectives on geography for me, but I think it's not quite for me. That said, if I see a good sale on the game, I'll probably pick it up to help support the developer.

Final demo stats:

Nice! Glad you had a good experience with it.

merphle wrote:

I've spent a fair bit of time with the game (and that was all active, not idling/afk), so it's obviously engaging, but I'm still not sure whether it's subjectively "fun".

This was precisely my sentiment from Logistical 1. My closest analogy is that it's like doing a jigsaw puzzle: yeah it feels good when you find "that one piece" but, ultimately, the experience is semi-mindless busywork.

Yep. I find that busywork is especially good for my anxiety.

Robear wrote:

Yep. I find that busywork is especially good for my anxiety.

Kind of in the same boat. I've been playing this for a week or so but don't have much to add to the thread. It's been a welcome thing to have when I need to take a quick mental health break from the WFH grind or in the evenings when I want to watch a show or podcast or something.

I bought it but I'm not out of NZ yet. Opened up the south island and now finally getting to completing some of the slightly larger cities on the north island.

Keep checking your contracts to find out how you can get off the islands.

I’ve found that I’ve had to put aside really thought-heavy games like HOI4 or long-form party-based RPGs. But I still need something that takes enough thought to kind of wipe out the background noise. This game really fits that bill. Plus, the trivia and geography, that’s interesting for ADHD types.

I’m starting to think this is a game for the neuro-atypical lol.

Robear wrote:

I’m starting to think this is a game for the neuro-atypical lol.

I'd sign off on that, ha.

I feel like I'm missing something very obvious, and maybe the answer is "come back around to it" but is there wheat in NZ? I feel like I'm missing some section of the map, but I certainly can't find it if so.

There is. Have you fixed the roads that you can fix? It's not what I'd call hidden but I can't remember if it's locked behind a road fix... And you know about the red circles marking end of roads, to explore?

Robear wrote:

There is. Have you fixed the roads that you can fix? It's not what I'd call hidden but I can't remember if it's locked behind a road fix... And you know about the red circles marking end of roads, to explore?

Yeah totally. I don't see any more red circles, though I've got a few roads that need repair but mostly they need things like dynamite or lighting.

I'm finding it weird that I also can't complete the "Help #1" contract. The town specified shows a question mark for its product still. I'm really feeling like I've missed discovering something.

What product does the town of Ngaruawahia need in your game?

I think some of those contracts can't be done in the demo. I never was able to, anyway.

Wheat can be found on the southern NZ island, if I recall.

Yeah, I just had a breakthrough but have to go back to work. I was misunderstanding how floaties work, combined with some interface 'quirks'. =) I'm back in business!