LOGistICAL - Sublime Logistical Strategy Puzzling


Awesome! I tried to play yesterday, but ran into a bug due to the release version being older than it was supposed to be. Will be going back soon.

I don't really understand what this is, but goodjers with similar tastes in games seem to show up in this thread so maybe I should take a look. Is it a puzzle game? Simulation? Strategy? I like roads so.... win?

It's basically a grand puzzle game. It's so great.

Kergguz, it's kind of a puzzle game, with light timing elements, some exploration and some building too. You have a map of an area, usually part of a large country or an entire small one. There are many, many towns and cities. (I'll talk about 2.0, might as well.) They range from tiny villages (called "Mailboxes") to cities with millions of people.

Each location desires one or more goods. First is newspapers, then you have dozens of other things, from foods to manufactured goods to raw resources. Some locations desire many things; others, just one or two. Sometimes its specific things they want, sometimes you can just supply your choice from a menu of wants.

You have trucks, from small to large. Each one can carry a certain amount of goods in a trip, and might be limited to larger roads if it's a large truck. You set up one-time or repeating routes from a supplier to a consumer, but *none* of them are permanent. Instead, you only have to satisfy the needs of a location once to get the reward. Then you move on to the next one.

As you "open" up towns that produce goods, you can then use them to satisfy other towns needs. Some towns require a "town key" that comes from satisfying the needs of one of the local "mailboxes", or small communities. So you might have to unlock a town before you can fulfill its needs, and of course you have to find the stuff it needs somewhere else that might be locked...

Further, some roads are too small and need to be upgraded. Bridges might need to be repaired. And the industries that take in goods and produce other ones can be made more efficient. You can even build new industries strategically if the ones you need are otherwise only found far away.

As you complete locations, you get paid. This money is only used to buy trucks and industries. You never have to worry about cost of goods, or buying them; simply whether there is enough supply to feed the industries and consumers. If there is not, well, find some and get trucking!

Naturally, as the cities get bigger, they need more goods to be completed. And the cool thing is that as you deliver the goods, they are consumed at a certain rate, often different for different goods. What that means is that if you have to deliver multiple goods in different amounts, you have to set up a supply network that can move all those goods, simultaneously, in the correct quantities, into the city before the consumers devour everything you shipped on your previous runs. Say you have to deliver 40 tons of coffee to a town, and 60 tons of steel beams. But your trucks carry 8 tons max, in this case; it's still early times. So you need to make at least five trips carrying full loads of coffee, and 8 trips with the steel beams. That means you need a supplier for each that can produce the required goods. But both coffee and steel beams require precursor goods, or the factories will stop producing after running out, so you need to line those up before attempting to complete the town. And maybe some of those precursors you have not yet found (send a small truck around searching out new roads and towns) or maybe they are locked (start delivering newspapers and completing the tiny locations to get the town key). And then finally when you get all that done, you have to consider timing. Each delivery takes time, so you'll actually need *more* trips because the citizens will be drinking coffee and using steel beams while you are trucking them in.

That's generally how the game is put together. There's more - warehouses, quarantine areas where certain goods can't cross, and other forms of transport, but that's the basic gameplay cycle. Huge, relaxing, addictive, unique puzzle game set in the real world.

Thanks Robear, that sounds fun. Do you know if the places have historically plausible wants? For example my hometown of Buckley was a historic brick making town, so I wonder if clay might be required.

I have not played in areas I know that well, so I can't say. But clay and bricks are in there, and clay is used in brickmaking.

Did they do away with warehouses? Or is that something that you have to build, now?

I think I need a guide!
Can anyone recommend a good one? (assuming existing guides are more or less relevant to version 2)

Not sure, I've never used one. Maybe download the ABC isles free demo and go from there?

Edit - Here's a few things to do... Using the Newspaper supply, start to open up mailboxes in the area of Antwerpen. Use your smallest vehicle to search out all the towns in the area; especially find the one that provides paper, and the one that provides wood. Then, when the newspaper plant runs out of paper, you can send it paper, and when the paper plant runs out of wood, you can send it wood.

While you are doing that, find the town that provides gravel, and use that to start repairing roads. That's a good job for an 8-ton truck.

Note that if you are looking at a town that *needs* something, you can select a vehicle in your upper left menu, then click and hold on the thing that the town needs in its screen, and any supplying towns will be spotlighted for you. You can drag to them and drop, and the truck will begin the route. The inverse applies when you look at a supply town and click-hold something it produces; consumer sites will be highlighted for you and the currently selected vehicle will start the route if you drag and drop onto one of the towns that needs the goods.

So, a couple hundred mailboxes done, and I'm getting the hang of this version. I use one 8 ton to deliver papers, one to repair roads (initially with gravel) and one to follow up the paper with other goods that have become available and can finish mailboxes. Partially finished mailboxes turn dark green on the map when you look at them from a vehicle loaded with what was already delivered. So when you see dark green, select one and then assign a vehicle and see if you can get to the resource. If you can, work on delivering that for a while.

As you do this, towns open and the road grid populates, so you're preparing for when you need to do towns.

So, is it just me or is the mailbox mechanic more of a grind than before? The early game seems to be all about delivering newspapers, then following it up with materials from opened towns to open other towns. It just seems grindier than before.

Turns out there are a few places that take shipped goods in and distribute them. Those are great to use as initial resource providers. The grind is not so bad once you realize it's opening up useful places, slowly but steadily.

That's good to hear, I'm still on the mailbox phase.

That's what I mean. I'm probably 400 or so into the mailboxes, but already I've found wood, sand, potatos, apples, gravel, 3 varieties of shiny rocks, all of which are either unlimited or easily supplied. That means I'll have a wave of good completions, as well as a second category of repaired roads. Just keep your eyes open and the game slowly expands.

I probably need to look at some of the other cities to see whether they have harvested resources, too...

Okay, now it's kicking on all cylinders. I have over 500 mailboxes complete, and exploration (an absolute necessity) has revealed the makings of bricks and concrete as well as magazines. This means I'm about to storm a huge number of mailboxes as well as open up dozens of supply cities, which will spring the game wide open. Very nice! The mailboxes are a good build-up and provide small challenges that sort of even out the beginning game.

So a month ago we had Belgium but now...Washington?


I'm not entirely sure what's going with the titling here, but hey, new stuff, so yay!

Weird. It's almost like he's working out the system on small but relatively self-contained areas. Whatevs. I like it.

Yeah, I'm a little perplexed as to sacada's plan here. Belgium was the "first" L2 module, but this one is advertised as the L2 platform with new features like business, etc.

Exactly, I'm very confused. Of course I'm gonna buy it, but I'm really confused.

Good God this game is bizarrely addictive. Finished the starter maps (Isle of Man, ABC Islands) and have begun Australia. The size is pretty daunting...

Logistical modules and base are 30% - 50% off through the 11th, with an additional 30% off for bundles.

OK, I took another crack at this, and was once again defeated by the obtuse UI. On the Isle of Man opening level, no less.

Ended up with trucks sitting full, getting "click the Empty Load button to dump your cargo" message, but damnit if I could figure out how to do that. Clicked every goddamn button on the truck dashboard a squillion times in a squillion different combinations, to no avail.

I think I'd like the game underneath the jank, but I just can't get to it.

Jonman wrote:

I think I'd like the game underneath the jank, but I just can't get to it.


Robear wrote:

Logistical modules and base are 30% - 50% off through the 11th, with an additional 30% off for bundles. :-)

Oh, poop. I knew there was something I wanted to pick up during this past sale.

Jonman, DanB, this will help you out. Look at the "Truck Dash" section for the bit you're looking for.

“Cancel Load” button - dump the current load at cost of cargo (min cost $1000.00)


Don't forget to check to see that the truck has not been powered off, or it will just sit there doing nothing.