LOGistICAL - Sublime Logistical Strategy Puzzling

New York is out!

OMG the base game is on sale for $5, go buy it you f*cks!


The developer made a small video going through the tutorial Isle of Man island.

In case you were wondering what the update was today, sacada has a Christmas gift for everyone!

Ho ho ho...

Merry Xmas all you wonderful LOGistICAL players.
For the first year of LOGistICAL out on Steam I gift all owners of LOGistICAL with a free module... "Xmas 2017"

Xmas 2017 is similar to other LOGistICAL modules, but once again, different.

In Xmas 2017:

* Towns don't consume resources
* Towns are country sized... in fact, they are countries... and they are huge
* Trucks travel at 256x for all players
* Trucks deteriorate at only 10%
* Costs are reduced to a very low value
* Tuk-tuks are free (don't take advantage of that generosity)

* The game is CASUAL. Take it slow and enjoy.

Its a mini LOGistICAL: Earth.

Start from the North Pole.

OMG you guys! Logistical 2! Starting with Russia!


Very exciting! Now if they'd just stop teasing me with the Wisconsin DLC being delayed two weeks every two weeks, I'd be a happy LOGistICAL-eer.

EDIT: ...aaand I just now realized that your news story was that it releases today - insta-buy when it drops!

Sigh, so apparently the dev walked back ”Logistical 2", saying while that's coming, he didn't mean to imply it was a new game. Apparently the new stuff like air freight will be in all modules regardless, but he somehow thought it was a big enough addition to add the "2". So confusing.

But it does look like all the Logisticals updated last night, so I guess they get the new features?

Yup, air freight being the biggest one.

My British Isles games keeps freezing up after 20-30 mintues. Anyone else having issues like that?

Nope, played Hawaii a little while back for a few hours.

I like Russia. Sort of puzzle-y right from the start.

Russia is hard.

Yay, Wisconsin is out you guys!


The Caribbean is out folks!


Hey folks, looks like all modules are on sale this week.


There isn’t a way to create a truck route to go to town A for good 1, drop it off at town B, pick up good 2 at B and then drop it off at town C, right? The most the player can do if create a route that picks up 1 good and delivers it to another?

Right. That's the name of the game. What you'll realize is that this is *not* about setting up permanent, repeating routes. The best you can do is *temporary* repeating routes, until the need is met, and you move your trucks elsewhere to handle other requirements.

Think of it as managing, say, a rental truck agency. People come in, hire a truck for a particular job; off it goes, and it comes back when the job is done, so you can assign it elsewhere.

OK, thanks. That is pretty much how I've been approaching it. I bought it and returned it a while ago - I bounced off of it then. Now that they have a free module I decide to give it another try. Even though it is a bit simple it managed to pull me in for 6+ hours yesterday. I'll probably pick up one of the modules while it's on sale. I finished the first tutorial, then the Isle of Man, and I'm partway through the ABC Isles.

It gets less simple as you approach the final cities in a region. It's addictive!

I finished the ABC Isles. Trying to decide if I should just get Australia or get the beginner bundle for $15

Thanks to Robear I am now the proud owner of Logistical and a bunch of the DLC regions. Thanks so much for your generosity! That was very kind of you!

Well done Robear! Enjoy rob!

Well, nearly everyone already has Qvadriga...

I wonder if the originals will be updated?

Robear wrote:

I wonder if the originals will be updated?

I think that is part of the plan.

I saw the post says something about "integrating" the 1.0 and 2.0 games...

Just put a few hours into Belgium 2.0 and it's great! The mailbox mechanic keeps you focused on particular areas of development, and that's reinforced by the "town key" for many towns. For me, this means the game is actually more relaxed, since I'm not trying to sort through dozens of towns figuring out which to do first. I find the newspaper place, then the paper producer, then the wood producer, then I can start in on one of the towns by doing the local mailboxes until it opens... And so forth. Meanwhile I explore with a Ute and use my dumptruck to fix roads. The flow of the game seems smoother to me.

Very happy with this new iteration.