Emulation catch-all

FridgeGremlin wrote:

Life has been a dumpster fire lately and I bought a Retroid Pocket 3 last month and just got it in. Really liking it so far. Pretty solid, great screen. Performance-wise, it's not a powerhouse but it's a nifty little device.

I purchased one a few days ago. Once I get it in I’ll compare notes. Hope you enjoy it and hope things look up.

Aw thanks guys. Hope you both are doing well.

As for the RP3, I did manage to get HL2 installed on it. It runs... Ok? Just wild to see that game running on a weird little handheld haha.

JohnKillo wrote:

I hope life gets better. From one dumpster fire to another.

That was in the Hallmark card I gave my wife.

I have tried to install RetroArch before and given up. I downloaded it the other day, and the community has been really busy. Everything feels integrated, and the GUI is really easy to use. I was surprised after the hours I've spent in the past trying to get this to work, that I install it now and I'm up and playing in 10-15 minutes. Plus they've added achievements to the games, which is an amusing addition, and gives me another reason to play these old consoles and arcade titles. Nice job.

Any classics is should give a try? I recently played through the GBA Metroids, Castlevania Aria of Sorrow, and Minish Cap. Would love some recommendations.

"Things the RP3 can run" is a pretty wide spectrum of gaming to pluck recommendations from. Over the last couple months I've played through Final Fantasy Tactics (first time finishing!) for the PS1 and Link's Awakening DX for the GBC (umpteenth time finishing) on my little emulation handheld. I'm currently playing through the Namingway Edition ROM hack of Final Fantasy IV, which tweaks the translation, restores some of the abilities removed in the North American SNES version, and adds a dedicated run button, and that's been a blast from the past. On the RP3, you might see if the PSP version will run okay, I hear good things about that version.

Yeah. It depends on what you’re into. I’m most familiar with the GBA library and have tons of recommendations there. You’ve already played a few I would recommend. I would also recommend Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Tactics Ogre: The Night or Lodis, Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2, Fire Emblem, Yoshi’s Island, WarioWare Inc.: Mega Micro Games and others.

If you decide to try out DS on it (which it sounds like the RP3 can run) there are more Advance Wars, some of the best Castlevania games, random stuff like Cooking Mama, Professor Layton and many other great games.

If you do wind up trying any DS titles on the RP3, be sure to let us know how it goes. I admit to being curious, despite suspecting that running 3/DS games on anything but a 3/DS is likely to be a klunky experience due to the very specific configuration of displays and inputs inherent to those systems. I also don't own an emulation handheld with the horsepower to handle DS very well anyway, so that opinion might be a matter of sour grapes, who knows. (-:

I would agree overall. DS software is so purpose built for that hardware that it feels, generally, like you’re shortchanging the overall experience on single screen consoles.

That said, my experience with emulating DS games so far has been that the system either doesn’t have the horsepower or doesn’t have a decent touchscreen. Not so much that the second screen is absolutely essential.

I could wrap my head around some games (Mario Kart, Castlevania) running fine on one big screen and one small screen as long as the system has the power. So far most reviews seem to indicate the RP3 can.