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Got the Powkiddy RGB10 Max 2 in and it is so close to being what I am looking for, the best so far without a doubt. If the d-pad was a little better and the buttons a little bigger and more rounded it would be perfect.

On the d-pad I noticed when playing something like The Legend of Zelda (one of my go to games for testing because I am super familiar with it and how it runs) or fighting games (Tekken 2 on PSone is one of my go to games for this along with Super Street Fighter II and Killer Instinct on SNES) when I try to sweep from left to right or right to left I often get an up or down input in the middle. And if I am a little off center when pushing any direction I will often get a diagonal. I am not sure if this is the right term for this but it just doesn't feel as stable as the SNES d-pad which is the gold standard for me.

The ABXY buttons are tiny and they are kind of tall and sharp edged. Like instead of being able to kind of slide from one button to the next for things like Paul's 5 hit combo in Tekken 2 (RP, LP, RK, RP, LP) you have to try to lift your finger and tap each button. The shoulder button are ok. I don't love L1 and R1 but L2 and R2 are fine. I kind of wish they had just left the analog sticks off of it. They aren't good sticks and the positioning of them is terrible. I mainly want a device like this for 16 and 8 bit games so they are pretty much useless.

Very happy with the quality of the emulation of this device though. PSone runs good and all the 16 and 8 bit stuff I have tried runs great. Even Dreamcast was sort of playable in Crazy Taxi 2. I fired up Super Mario 64 from the pre-configured SD card (new card is on the way so I can load custom firmware) and was very surprised at how well it ran (i.e. that it ran at all). It actually seemed like it would be playable until I loaded into Bob-Omb Battlefield and the frame-rate dropped to slide show mode. Running around the castle ran good so there may be a few N64 games that are playable.

The screen is great though I wish it was a 4:3 screen. It is obviously a screen designed for a phone that has been repurposed which is one reason this thing is pretty affordable. The sound is pretty meh. It looks like it has two speakers but reading/watching stuff about it online they say the speaker grill on the left side is just for show.

It is so far the most comfortable system I have tried to use for long periods of time, though I did kind of stress my thumb out a bit on the ABXY buttons. It has got me wondering if there are any mods for this thing that could make it better.

A screen designed for a phone would give you something like the GPD XP and its 21:9 screen. Useful for DS emulation, but too wide the rest of the time. The RGB10Max2 can use its widescreen for some PSP titles, otherwise it's a bit more ergonomic than being 4:3.

Might have bought the Powkiddy at the wrong time:

Kurrelgyre wrote:

A screen designed for a phone would give you something like the GPD XP and its 21:9 screen. Useful for DS emulation, but too wide the rest of the time. The RGB10Max2 can use its widescreen for some PSP titles, otherwise it's a bit more ergonomic than being 4:3.

That's how I see it. I would actually love a system identical to the RGB10 Max Pro 2 that was just wide enough for the GBA (since PSP isn't realistic), but with the same height of screen, so that 4:3 looks fine as well. Basically it's slightly too wide to be portable to me and I never play PSP games on it, because PSP emulation isn't good enough.

That said, I really like the system as well and play a lot of GBA on it, because it's so easy to see the screen. I find the 3.5" screens to be slightly too small, personally.

As far as the software goes, what are you running, Rykin? I installed RetroOz and I really like it so far.

RG503 for $135, guess I’m returning the rg351mp:)

Yea when I was playing around with designs for a GBA XL I found that a 4.6 inch screen was a pretty good size when I was mocking it up. Sadly nobody really makes 3:2 ratio screens and 4.6 is a pretty rare size as well, but I did find a 5 inch 5:3 800x480 screen that would work pretty well in a device like this.

I took my RGB10 Max 2 apart yesterday (use a JIS 0) to get a look at the d-pad and I think the issue is that it is sort of shaped like a Philips screw slot (mostly a plus with a slight bit of extra material near the middle of the negative areas) instead of being disc shaped like Nintendo ones. Also the nub in the middle is pretty small.

I am running RetroOz as well now that I got my SD card in. Just got it setup last night. Haven't gotten to test it out much on this yet.

The RG552 has a 5.36" 5:3 1152p screen. It's a pretty divisive mix of specs and pricing, though.

jonnypolite wrote:

RG503 for $135, guess I’m returning the rg351mp:)

Interesting. This might be exactly what I was just asking for. Smaller than the RGB10 Max Pro 2, but bigger than a 351MP.

I wonder when Russ will put his review back up.

Here is a comparison chart of the 503 vs. the RP2+ vs. the RGB10


Seems like RP2+ is still the better deal

Two weeks in with my RB351MP and I'm still loving it. The battery life and sleep functionality is perfect. I never pick it up and wonder if it's going to be unexpectedly dead. Obviously more battery life is always better, but it's well past the point of diminishing returns from a real-world use perspective.

The emulation quality for NES through PS1 continues to be excellent. I'm sort of continuously dialing in the UI settings to be exactly how I want them, but that's purely a matter of me indulging my OCD to want to have a perfectly curated little collection of games with exactly the right box art etc. etc. etc. The UI was perfectly usable out of the box and continues to be so.

I got that Retroid Pocket 2 two years ago, and also got this, thinking it would be a stopgap until the Analogue Pocket came out. As more Pockets get into the wild and more reviews like this one come out detailing its compromises from a usability perspective, I'm thinking more and more that I might cancel my pre-order or flip the Pocket when it comes, because I have a hard time imagining it fitting my needs better than the MP does.

I have decided to return the Powkiddy thing. I think it is a good device but I don't think I am going to get a lot of use out of it. The edges of the buttons continue you rub a raw spot on my thumb when I use it for any length of time. I think I will take the credit for it (I got it off of Amazon) and apply it to getting a Switch finally as I think I will get much more use out of a Switch at home and it will be a good portable as well (though larger than I was looking for).

So I just got my modded 3DS back and this thing is GREAT. Super easy to put roms on and they load perfectly. Added several DS and 3DS games to it and they run wonderfully. This really compliments my modded Vita very well.

Veloxi wrote:

So I just got my modded 3DS back and this thing is GREAT. Super easy to put roms on and they load perfectly. Added several DS and 3DS games to it and they run wonderfully. This really compliments my modded Vita very well.

I hacked my spare 2DS XL a few weeks ago. I haven't done it to my new 3DS XL yet, but I probably will at some point. I'm waiting for my SD card adapter to do it on my Vita as well. I want to install HEN on my PS3 too.

So much hacking to do...

It's really wonderful.

Battle of the hacked handhelds! Both are native builds.

Wow they both look great. Glad I have both.

Win600 I'm convinced this might be a good idea for indies and emulation. Hopefully not in the insane price realm. Powered by an AMD chip too.

...So I may have ordered an Anbernic RG280V at the same time as my 351MP, figuring it would probably be too small to be comfortable so maybe I'd return it if I didn't like it or maybe I'd set it up with the Adam firmware image and some ROMs as a birthday present for my nephew.

And it may have arrived and sat unused for a couple weeks while I enjoyed my 351MP until finally I had a free afternoon and decided I should figure out what I'm doing with it. And I may have figured, well, it's here, I might as well set up the Adam firmware image and see how it runs. Probably just as a gift for my nephew, you understand.

And I may then have figured, well, I should probably continue messing with it for a couple days, just to work out any kinks, make sure it's totally dummyproof. Before I give it to my nephew. Who this is for. Obviously.

And that may have been a week ago, and in that time it may have totally replaced my 351MP because it's just so dang tiny and light and easy to pick up and play and it runs almost everything the 351MP does. Which means I suppose the 351MP could be for my nephew and I'll keep this. Except that the 351MP is so darn shiny and metallic and blue and nice, and it runs Star Fox, which the 280V has trouble with, and I might want to play Star Fox. And the 351MP is a little more comfortable for long play sessions, if I go on a plane trip I might want to take that instead, so maybe I should really hold on to the 351MP too.

But that still leaves my nephew, who still has that birthday coming up, and he would probably really like something like this if I set it up right for him. And I suppose the easiest thing would be to order another 280V for him, since I already know exactly how to set it up to be dummyproof now and exactly what perfectly curated collection of ROMs I'd load it up with. Yes, that would be the easiest thing to do, obviously.

Except that there's a version 2 of the Miyoo Mini out, and those shoulder buttons do look better, and it sounds like the custom firmware situation there is getting pretty good, there's a new version of that out too which has a true sleep mode which is the only reason I passed over it for the 280V. So really, the best move would be to order one of those, and set it up, and spend a week or so working out the kinks, and THEN decide which one to give my nephew. Who is totally going to get one of these things. For sure. Just as soon as I finish tinkering.

Taki's emulation video is up for the Odin lite and it looks really good. I'm heavily considering jumping in on this one.


I haven't had time to take many screengrabs yet, but I purchased an Odin Pro and it arrived a few days ago. I've been playing with it as I have time recently, and so far I'm very impressed. I've been able to play at full speed Wind Waker (GCN), We Love Katamari (GCN), Fantasy Life (3DS), Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (GCN) and many others.

My hope with this device was basically to have an emulator version of a Switch where I could play the Wii and Cube Fire Emblem games on the go as well as re-playing Katamari and playing Wind Waker finally.

If anyone has any questions I'm happy to answer them. I'll post more when I have time.

What. Color. Is. It?

I bought the Black pro - 256.

As usual, I'm interested in PS2 prospects.

If you look at the video I posted above Taki demos a ton of PS2 games on the Lite.

Thanks, will do.

Mr GT Chris wrote:

As usual, I'm interested in PS2 prospects.

I can’t speak to Taki’s results as he’s overclocking the Lite in a way I haven’t my Pro yet, but so far I’ve tried Kingdom Hearts 1, Persona 3 FES and We Love Katamari and they all played well so far. NFL2K5 was unplayable. That’s all I’ve tried so far.

There is also a compatibility spreadsheet going out there.


The list of games tested for PS2 is quite extensive.

Thanks, I look forward to following your experiences. I’ve watched the video and it’s a little disheartening to go from 1080p widescreen, seemingly flawless, PSP/GC/Wii to 4:3 somewhat janky PS2 (slowdown, sound glitches etc. depending on the game). There were definitely games that looked perfectly fine so I wonder if the author just didn’t bother to try widescreen modes or maybe they weren’t easily available in that emulator?

On the positive side, it was pretty amazing to see so many systems looking fabulous. PS1 at 4x native with widescreen modes added might be a game changer in terms of encouraging me to go back to some of those older games. And, even in the current state, there are PS2 games on my backlog (like Dark Cloud 2) that I could play perfectly fine.

Will think about it some more.

And what was that about Switch emulation I saw at the end of the video? Is that even feasible?

Switch on the lite isn't really possible. Some of that is because he was using the 4gig version of the lite and not the 8 gig version. Some of it also has to do with the Skyline android emulator. The Odin Pro can do switch a little better I believe though.

I haven't tested this and this probably isn't something I will test, to be honest. I have a Switch Lite that I love, so I don't see the need, personally.

Yes, it was more a down the line thing, something that might be interesting to tinker with.

Most of the reviews list prices of $200 for the Lite and $280 for the Pro. If that was the case I would just go Pro. But on the Indiegogo site, the Pro is only available as part of the SuperPack. So, that's ¥50,000. Meanwhile, I could get the Lite for half that, ¥25,000. That's without the dock, probably the main expense in the SuperPack, but I don't really want the dock, at least right now. I'd like a case to carry it, but that's only ¥1,200 to add. I could try to future proof the Lite by adding 4GB to it for ¥4000 but I'm not sure what value that would really add, especially if devs end up just targeting the Pro (and it's superior cpu) anyway.

Basically ¥50,000 is getting too close to the cost of a Steam Deck, not available here right now but presumably will be down the line. So, my options would be to buy a basic Lite + case now for ~¥26k, wait for the Pro to be sold standalone, or wait to see the Japanese pricing on the Steam Deck once it becomes available.