GWJ Conference Call Episode 555

Endless Space 2, Friday the 13th, ARMS, Steel Division: Normandy 44, Tales of Berseria, How Games Can Spur Us to Real Life Action, Your Emails and More!

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This week Allen, Sean, Shawn and Lara talk about games that inspire real life action!

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind.

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Juparo - Broke for Free - - 39:17

Golden Hour - Broke for Free - - 59:57


00:01:14 Endless Space 2
00:10:50 Just Dance
00:15:14 Tales of Berseria
00:20:42 Dead Cells
00:22:30 ARMS
00:31:27 Friday the 13th
00:38:23 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
00:39:18 How Games Can Spur Us to Real Life Action
00:59:57 Your Emails

Was looking forward to an interesting conversation around the main topic - what happened? A 5 min 'why im sad about the election' is a bit off topic.

I thought that the main topic discussion was great (I especially liked the talk about Joseph Campbell's work). Why not mention the current context if it's relevant (which it was)?

I really liked the main topic, especially how different each of the stories were. From something seemingly as simple as learning guitar (I've played for years myself, so I totally understand this feeling) to Lara's activism (hell yeah!), I found it interesting. I don't know that games have ever done that for me, but it definitely makes me think into it more. Good stuff.

OMG, Allen, I remember Alien Encounter!!! It was absolutely terrifying, indeed. (and I was about 10 or so, so...)

Really enjoyed the main topic, although a tiny bit of context for your overseas listeners might've been nice. I genuinely hadn't heard of the Indivisible Movement, even though I do try to keep up to speed on what's happening back in the US. That was fixed quickly with a bit of Googling, but that can't be done when you're driving, for example. Kudos to Lara, nevertheless. Big giant kudos.

The answer to the email about sharing gaming with your kid is a pretty obvious one to me, but that's because, like Lara, I have those memories of gaming with my father back in the 80s (mostly adventure games). Spending time with your kids is definitely the way to do it, even if you're just giving them an unplugged controller.

I completely disagree OldSchool. Lara's reaction to the election of 45 was completely reasonable and the fact that, like many of us, she is using it to try to try to make the world a better place is laudable.

I can agree and disagree with OldSchool. I think talking about the election is off-topic and also makes me feel like the games had less to do with her taking action and more the fact that she is disappointed with the election is why she is doing what she is doing.

I think the games she played bringing her to try and do something positive for everyone is on-topic. She was walking a fine line, but managed to not let it completely turn into a total conversation about the election.

The discussion on how games make us take action was very interesting to think about. I usually quote sport games are the reason I played so many different sports growing up. The only one I can think of that wasn't influenced by a video game was lacrosse. Other than that I definitely believe playing so many games where I have been up against insurmountable odds has definitely shaped my personality as well as gave me courage to decide that I really will pursue a career using programming in some manner, I started this early in my 20s while I was finishing my bachelor degree which is totally unrelated to what I do now. I like to think if games weren't here I wouldn't be doing what I do, but I wonder if books would have had some sort of impact like games..

Anyways enough blah blah. Twas a great show guys!

It's not a game, but I dare anyone to watch Ikiru by Akira Kurwasawa and not at least be inspired to live their life better.

Lara, I have massive respect for your efforts with Indivisible.

Since the EU Referendum vote in the UK (termed 'Brexit' by someone who clearly doesn't recognise the art of a properly engineered portmanteau), I've become involved with some pro-EU political movements and attended a number of marches and protests. Unfortunately I've had less and less time for games recently, so the podcast is great for keeping up to date and I really identified with the feelings you expressed in the main topic. Great credit to you for being proactive and upholding an essential tenet of a free and democratic society.

Best of luck and thanks to all for the enjoyable show.

Thanks for taking my email and sharing your suggestions! I'm putting the link to the book here in case anyone else is interested. Thanks for linking to the YouTube courses above.

I just got a modern mobile phone for the first time in 10 years and The GWJ Conference Call was the first podcast I added to Pocket Casts.

PS - I think this is the only place I'm RobC instead of RobC04, so I misspoke in my email - not that it really matters!

I find myself wanting to see the asymmetrical PvP of Friday the 13th applied to other monster movie franchises. An army villagers versus Frankenstein's creature. Japanese soldiers versus Godzilla. A bunch of hapless rebels trying to get the Death Star plans to Princess Leia's ship before Vader mows them down.

how odd to think that taking action against the rise of a xenophobic kleptocrat and his enablers is off topic, when the topic is 'taking action.'

I've been keeping an eye on Lara's tweets about her work with Indivisible and it's been fascinating, and seriously impressive.

Lara. Major kudos, glad the guys didn't let you wriggle out of the credit they were giving you. Getting off your butt regularly and doing some thing is more than the vast majority of people.

I won't say games have spurred me to real life action. But they have given me a pretty mellow attitude to repeated failure when I'm trying to do something new. And like Shaun I feel that they have helped me become comfortable with making decisions.


Also, a note that Shaun promised to link to some 'introduction to literature' type videos.

That would be the Great Courses link I put in there. Not sure if Lara had some specific recs.

Ah geez, don't post when medicated.

Shalalm Baskur

A bunch of the Crash Course series are probably relevant, including the 3 literature series.

As with so many things lately, hearing Bastion mentioned on the CC made me immediately think "Oh man, what a perfect game to release on the Switch!" I wonder if some of these older games will ever have such a chance at a second life.

I liked the main topic discussion as well! My own experience was the same as Elysium's - I played the stupid plastic guitars for years, and finally got to the point where it was like alright, I should use these muscles I've built up and learn some real guitar. So I picked one up and started learning. I haven't been into it as much as him, but it was probably the first and only time video games have inspired me to start up something totally different like that in real life.