Name that GAME Thread

Super House of Dead Ninjas (plus or minus some extra Supers and Deads)?

Correct! And with Super.

This one's slightly challenging but shouldn't be a thread killer:



Right franchise, wrong incarnation

Skiptron wrote:


DC Malleus wrote:

Right franchise, wrong incarnation :)

Wow, Doom 3 didn't age very well did it?

Doom 64

Doom 64 it is!


Looks like a bunch of the art from Altered Beast on the Sega Genesis. Definitely not that game though. Altered Beart RPG edition?

I would probably play an Altered Beast RPG but that isn't this game.

Zalda II: The Adventure of Fig and Mag


EDIT: nevermind. Figured the answer out via research. I knew of it, but wouldn't have thought of it on my own.

A couple more images:



Some hints: Was an arcade title that supported 4 players if two machines were linked together. It was ported to the TG-16(awesome port) and to the Genesis(terriport that omits two of the playable characters).

Reminds me of Blades of Vengeance, but probably not it

I cheated but it's been a day so ... it's called Cadash.

Give us another one, Agent86!


Attack chopper?

Is Attack Chopper really the name of a game?

edit: Sure enough LHX Attack Chopper is a game, but not this one

Steel Talon, the old arcade cabinet?

Edit - I googled it to confirm, I'm 99% sure I'm right.

You are correct! Old arcade cabinet with a bmx handle bar grip on the collective control.

My arcade had one of those for the longest time. Then like all arcades, they closed

Next up! (careful, the link gives it away)

Hmm, work blocked the image so I saw the title but not the picture! Don't recall ever hearing about this one.

Harvest Geese

Alien Love Gardener wrote:

Harvest Geese

Haha no, but it does have similar farming focused game play.

Hatoful Farmhand

Clue #1: Many iterations of this game involve breeding dogs to take on hunting expositions.


Her crossing.


UpToIsomorphism wrote:

Her crossing.

I don't believe this is correct. Perhaps you meant "Herd" which I don't believe is correct either. Close, but no cigar.

The picture! ;)~

Shepherd's Crossing.

Free play.