Name that GAME Thread

Ok I remember that game. Don’t remember the name. Democracy? Uprising? Nope, Google confirms those are different games. Ah, that’s it. Will wait and see if someone can get it without searching.

thrawn82 wrote:

USA, June 2018?

I admit, that screenshot wasn't randomly chosen.


Republic: The Revolution.

That was it!
Lots of promise and lots of fail.

AUs_TBirD wrote:

That was it!
Lots of promise and lots of fail.

Sounds like something Greg needs to play for the front page of the site.


Is that Supreme Commander? Been awhile... geez.

It's not.

Mech Commander...4??

I am so delighted by these guesses, but no.


Space Rangers 2!

Sneaky move with the RTS shot.



Move along, nothing to see here

Sorry team, hopefully I didn't spoil it for too many people.

That would be your work blocking it.

You can go ahead, it happens.

If it's any consolation, I had guessed it before reading your post =/

Free play then!

Here's a pleasant one.



Correct, Mantid.

Here's one that's a little more sterile than Overlord...



It is Q.U.B.E!

Is that from the Director's Cut version? I don't recall that level from my playthrough...

I don't think we've had this one yet:


That was sort of amiga-gem, and remember playing it a lot, but cant remember the name. Ranger fox or something perhaps?

Certainly was an Amiga gem (although I was all over it on my 386) - Tubular Worlds was the name, and side-scrolling enemy shootin' was the game.

I'm going to call free play and stop killing this thread... My gaming childhood is filled with too many weird anomalies it seems :p

If you posted the first level I would have known instantly! I was so frustrated because it looked so familiar.

I always found it a bit creepy, too. The robot inserting the player's eye...The weird red ghost characters, and the planets all looking like viruses or bloodrops. Weird stuff. Or maybe that's just how I remember it.

Yeah, I have vivid memories of the semi-organic weirdness of the art... I used to use it as a graphics showcase back in the day

Perhaps i'll give it a try.. something with special mood in it