Name that GAME Thread

isn't it Paganitzu? available on steam

It is! You're up Wirogue

I'll pass it off to freeplay. Gotta go to work.

And like a thief in the night, the Wirogue was gone.
Alright, forgive me if this one's already been done:

Dark Earth.







I still have the old disks for that buried in a bookcase somewhere in the basement...


I'm pretty sure with 68 pages of games, there's nothing I could post that hasn't been on here before, but let's try this - I hope I've figured out posting images:


Another World/Out of this World.

Right you are. Rotoscoping the character movement worked surprisingly well.

I remember being so impressed with the character movement, especially when you made him double back. The atmosphere of the game was great. I recall the game was rock hard but getting the timing of the shield was so satisfying.

I think I'm starting to mix this up with Flashback that had a very similar, though more developed, feel. Am I nuts or was there a disco at some point?

The movement looked great, but I hated how our of control I felt because of being locked into those movements. Never could get past that in the game.

I don't remember a disco, but there was a part where you broke into a bathhouse.

That screenshot looks more detailed than the Super Nintendo version I played.

Oh man I loved Out of This World. Many years ago I was sick and had to stay home from school, so I pulled up that game and just went through it like crazy. It was damn hard, I definitely remember that. Something about being in the zone while sick just clicked it for me.


Is that the Blade Runner adventure game?

It's not.


Those are neither Flashback, nor Fade to Black, right?

I swear they are familiar...

It's Fade to Black, actually.

A bit obscure, but let's see if anyone has any memories of this:


I will admit I didn't play it much, but that's not because it's bad. Rather, I was distracted by too many other games.

Pa-Rappa the Rapper 2? The one with his sister as the main character?

Nope. Wrong genre.

I still don't know what it is, but I believe that the company in the background did the Ren and Stimpy animation. So, uhh Ren and Stimpy the game?

Nope, but follow that lead.