Name that GAME Thread

Alien Love Gardener wrote:



Is that the air god in Sacrifice?

It is! You're up.

Anyone else besides me played this?


Yes. I cheated, but I totally remember the cover of that game. Don't think I ever saw in-game screenshots, but wow.

Pedo-bear training sim?

Oh, oh! I actually know this one!

Muscle March!

Edit: There's no mistaking that game, so I'm going to continue... with the Japanese weird:


Muscle March it is. A great few minutes at any gathering. Does wear thin by round 3 though.

As to your horse racing pic....I know I watched some lets plays of it a few years ago, but the name escapes me.

Mantid, WTeverlivingF? I could not wait. Once revealed, or if you don't care, I posted a 5 minute YouTube in the spoiler.


Yes, yes. It's just too ridiculous not to share.

I guess you're up?

Nope, as I did not guess. Had no clue but felt the duty to post a video for others to experience.


I do remember "playing" that back in the day. So much laughing. Do they have Japan World Cup 4 out yet?


It may not be my turn but I just remembered this game from my early child hood and was wondering if this was a shared experience.


Wrong, it's SimAnt!

Mantid wrote:

Japan World Cup

Oh. Hell. Yes. I had no idea that this existed. Thank you for this gift.

i <3 SimAnt so hard. hmm I wonder if theres a GOG version

My thinking is Tuffalo is up next.

As for SimAnt. I never played it, but have clear memories of seeing it running on the computers in my high school computer lab. That and SimEarth.

gewy wrote:

My thinking is Tuffalo is up next.

Oh! Okay, here's a toughy.


Dark souls?

Delbin wrote:

Dark souls?

Yeah. I do believe it hasn't been posted in this thread yet at least. It's the Dark Souls of the Name that Game thread.

Dark Soul ?

Demons Souls?

You're up, Delbin!


Fatal Frame?

maverickz wrote:

Fatal Frame?



That looks a whole lot like Star Wars Pod Racing, but nothing like the N64 game I played. Intriguing.