Name that GAME Thread

What shall you do?

That's some Dragon Crystal right there.

Sure is You're on!

That really takes me back. The big dollar sign bags reminds me of this old gem:


replaced image with a better one

Grrr that was a great game but no clue the name.

Lost Vikings?

Happy Funtime Gauntlet?

How about some sage fatherly advice:



Hint: it shares it's acronym with at least one other major fantasy franchise that's popular right now.

God of Thunder!

UpToIsomorphism wrote:

God of Thunder!

That's it god damn it could not think of it for my life.


UpToIsomorphism wrote:

God of Thunder!

You GOT it!

It's not Bulls vs Blazers nor NBA Showdown 94, and NBA Live had a different perspective, so I'm drawing a blank in terms of the games I would know without researching it. The graphics make me think Sega Genesis?

On the right track AUs

Tecmo Super NBA Basketball?

Got it, CheesyC is delicious! And Up.

Ugh, I hate the internet on a phone. Can't upload an image anywhere easily. Free play to anyone. sigh...


Spy car?

Mach Rider?

AUs_TBirD wrote:

Mach Rider?

Now you're playing with Power!

You're up.

Mach Rider is another one I never played, but instinctively knew about thanks to innumerable hours poring over Nintendo Power and the foldout game-advertisement posters in game boxes.

Switching platforms:

I don't know what it is, but hell, I want to play it!

Yeah, I'm definitely interested to know what game this is, since I'm usually pretty good with the shmup genre, and it appears to be a shmup game. I wonder if you're the giant bug or if you're the pink bug?

I think we're all stumped on the bug. Any more clues?

Crud, sorry! In-laws were in for a week and I totally forgot about the thread. Just now I thought about not having seen any activity in a while, and lo and behold, I'm the holdup.

Two more pix. If nobody gets it in the next 12 hours, I'll reveal the answer.


Hint: this was one of the main games that made me want a Turbografx-16 in 1990-92. I didn't actually get one until 2002 or so.

CptDomano wrote:

... it appears to be a shmup game. I wonder if you're the giant bug or if you're the pink bug?

It is a shmup, and you are the pink bug. It's only pink because it was flashing at the moment I took the screenshot.

That was a very deep cut, AUs_TBird!

Never played it but through the magic of Google-fu, I think I found it : Cyber-core


Right you are.
Ultimately it wasn't as fun as I always believed (unrealistic expectations). The power-up system is fairly deep: keep powering one color branch up or - accidentally or on purpose - start from scratch on another.
I enjoyed Blazing Lazers more, but Cyber-Core still a decent time.

Not too many shmups let you wage a bug war.

You're up!

OK, this is it. The most obscure game I know. If anyone recognizes this, I'll be very impressed.