Name that GAME Thread

The Case of the Golden Idol?

Case of the golden Idol. Great game!

You're both correct!


This thread needs more bears

bobbywatson wrote:


This thread needs more bears :)

Dream Daddy?




Lol, that's Enviro-bear!

halfwaywrong wrote:

Lol, that's Enviro-bear!

Lol, it is!


This one's probably my favourite obscure game.

Perhaps it's a little too obscure. It's Steambot Chronicles! Free play to whoever gets in first.

Perhaps if you had posted a screenshot of some actual Steambots? I thought that looked familiar, but couldn't place it.

Anyway, I'll take the free play with what's probably a pretty easy Lighthouse pic:


That’s cult of the lighthouse sorry lamb. Freeplay as I am travelling.

It certainly is Cult of the Lamb. Freeplay!


Is it called "Bi-Ped"?

I know it's a co-op puzzle game, but I'm not sure on the name...

Yes! That's Biped.


resident evil 7?

Is that The Hunt: Showdown?

Hunt: Showdown is correct.

A game I admire from afar but have never purchased because I know I'd be terrible at it.

gewy is up.

I’m at work, so free play!


God of War

Looks like the original God of War?

Green is correct and first!!

Who is correct and first?

I Don't Know if anyone was third.

Third base!