Name that GAME Thread

About 3 minutes because I didn't even know the game had lighthouses until I looked up images for it.

I have yet to play past stage 2 in fact.

The aesthetic reminds me of Fantasy Zone, but the shark, lighthouse and Space Witch do not belong.

Yo, one more try, though I doubt it'll change much.

Game's a real blast .

This has a Metal Slug vibe, but I couldn't place which one?

To not hold things up anymore, the game is:

Q-YO Blaster

Fun little crazy shmup that I need to play more of. I always end up picking the hamster as my "ship".

Free play!


final fantasy 7? then again, i don't remember cloud being that tall.... or having that square of a jaw.

Pretty sure this is Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

bobbywatson wrote:

Pretty sure this is Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

Got it!


That there is Hob I think.

Freeplay if I'm right!

You are correct! Free play it is!

I'll take up my own freeplay if that's ok:



It is Tunic, a delightful game. You're up Pink Stripes!


Re-Volt, I believe.

So many fun lunch LAN races at work with that game.

AUs_TBirD wrote:

Re-Volt, I believe.



Pretty sure that is California Games

Pretty sure it's your turn


Re-Volt is great. The fans have done a lot to keep it running on modern PCs. As for California Games, the PC version will give your spacebar a workout!

That looks a lot like Psychonauts but the character does not look like Raz so I'm confused.

On Re-Volt, I recently found out it's been modded to run on Win 10 and people are even making custom tracks and running online leaderboards. If I can make it work, I'll try to stream it next Friday.

Yep, this definitely is not Raz




I'm going to be very annoyed when the answer is announced and I yell "dammit, I knew that!" (but couldn't think of it)

Edit: nevermind - I figured it out, and no...I wouldn't have thought of it, even with the answer so blatantly obvious in the images.

No guesses then?

Guess I have to make it even clearer...


Narrator voice: But part 2 never came...

Ummm, is it InSecticide, Pt. 1?

Free play if correct.

Free play it is!

I am gonna be streaming some Re-Volt tonight on GWJ but in the meantime here is another one.