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Nope, although it was released in the same year

Those graphics look closer to the level of WarCraft 3 than Age of Empires 1. Are we wrong to assume this is an rts game? I could imagine turn-based strategy pulling those visuals off in 97...

It's definitely RTS, albeit with strong elements from a couple of other genres thrown in as well. It was well ahead of its time in that regard...

DC Malleus wrote:

Fascinating responses, but all wrong This one came out before Starcraft, and to some who played it, it was clearly the superior game. It was developed by an Australian studio who went on to make a bunch of very successful games in a totally different genre...

The review that image is taken from says it was released in 2004, which is six years after StarCraft.


Ahem, it appears that you are correct and I had my dates crossed. The first iteration of the series came out in 1997 (the one is question is the third). You may now recalibrate your memory lenses and supply the correct answer.

And to think it was me who was wrong on the internet this whole time...

Well Jesus let's just set fire to this thread and start a new one

(I cheated and found the answer but both the game and the company were new to me. Did it by opening wikipedia's "list of RTS games" and "list of Australian game companies" and looking for the intersection. #hackerman)

Soooo... Probably time to put this one to bed. Its Warlords Battlecry 3, made by the same house that put out Puzzle Quest and all of its 1st party derivatives.

To prove I have no beef with them for revealing me in all my digital ignorance, Q-Stone is up.

Puzzle Quest


I had no idea that was the same company! That's pretty cool. Makes me want to dig out my DS copy and play some more!




Indeed it is!

DC Malleus wrote:

Its Warlords Battlecry 3.

Given that I played a pretty decent number of hours of Battlecry 2 and at the very least own 3, I'm surprised that the image rung exactly zero bells for me.

It was a bit of a sneaky one, taken from the no doubt a lot less played adventure mode, so there's no castles or buildings to push the RTS angle of it.



Hmm, maybe that one's a stumper. Let's try this:


As per the title bar, Trinity? I think Malor had many good things to say about this in a long-dead thread somewhere...

Your keen eyesight wins you the baton. As for Trinity, yep it's excellent. One of Infocom's last titles, it's part puzzle game, part fantastical rumination on war in the nuclear age.

Trinity and A Mind Forever Voyaging really do stand apart from almost all the other Infocom games.

And I just realized that the plot in A Mind Forever Voyaging has some very striking similarities to life under Trump.

Strangely, I never really caught the appeal of AMFV. I played it maybe 10 years ago and found the political side interesting, but not really standing the test of time. Whereas the game-qua-game part, I thought was one of infocom's weakest. To me it's one of those games where it's more fun to read about it than to play it.

Compared to say, Witness/Deadline/Suspect - which weren't unique or innovative, but are still sooo much fun to play!


Pinball construction set?
I am a little confused on "BACH ON TRACH"
I didn't know the acclaimed composer had issues with his vocal chords?

Silverman’s epic balls of steel?
I would not call Skid row vocalist ”acclaimed composer”

Ah that makes more sense...

That's just a badly formed K

This pinball game was ported all over the place but was originally launched on the Amiga.


We know...

I'll take a stab. "Pinball Simulator"?

Nope, not Pinball Simulator. This one had four tables: Ignition, Steel Wheels (pictured above) Beat Box,and Graveyard.

After looking up the answer, I know I read the name in magazines at the time, but that's where my familiarity with the game ends.

AUs_TBirD wrote:
DC Malleus wrote:

Its Warlords Battlecry 3.

Given that I played a pretty decent number of hours of Battlecry 2 and at the very least own 3, I'm surprised that the image rung exactly zero bells for me.

Battlecry 2 looks hugely different from 3. Like the move from Warcraft 2 to 3.

I think it's Pinball Dreams, which was one of the first games I played on my first PC back in the 90s (I guess the pic is from another version though)

If I'm right, what about this one?