Too Long; Didn't Play: Nefarious

Sponsored By: My son (He bought it with his own allowance so we could play it together. All together now: Awwww!)

Time Working on the Laugh: 119 Minutes

Laundry Day Review

Have you ever wanted to pilot one of those cumbersome, bloated, sluggish, and incredibly powerful boss robots that gave you so much trouble when you were playing Sonic the Hedgehog?

Then buddy, have I got the game for you!

Brand New Day Review

This appeared as a game out of nowhere, 'cause my son
Watched a walkthrough online and he came to me and asked
If he used his allowance to buy it and would I please
Play with him. I said sure, and that’s how it came to be that we
We had so much fun!

It’s a Brand New Game,
Parallax count is high.
All the midi’s playin’,
And you’re gonna sigh.
Now you can be a villain
From the Sega times.
It’s a brand new game.

All the platforming puzzles and action you will love
As you lob grenades down on your foes from up above.
Just an old-fashioned Sega game back from way back when,
Till you get to the end of the level and then you,
You play as the boss!

It’s a Brand New Game
And there’ll be no more rage:
Infinite continues
Till you pass the stage.
I’m gonna beat the hero,
Gonna smash the cage.
It’s a Brand New Game.

You’ll get to fly Eggman’s wrecking ball
Or a mech with a fist that’ll punch ya
And you will see how it’s like to be
A boss that's so frustratingly overpowered

It’s a brand new game,
And the score is high.
Already looking forward
To another try.
What are you waiting for?
Go ahead and buy!
It’s well worth your time!
It’s a brand new game.

Keep villainizing?

You bet your evil laugh.This is one of the best platformers I’ve played in recent memory. I know I don’t exactly have the highest reputation for picking winners around here, but this game is most assuredly worth your time and your money.

Is it the Dark Souls of awesome platformers?

In terms of raw difficulty, I’d have to say no. But there’s still something there that demands mastery. Sure, I’m blundering my way through levels and having a ball, but getting good at this game is something that will take some doing.

Nonetheless, Nefarious can’t hold a candle to Dark Souls for sheer, malignant opacity. The game does much too good a job explaining what is expected of you, which is part of it’s charm as the expository humor is top-shelf.

Four out of seven freeze rays.


An-na-PEST, an-na-PEST, an-na-PEST, pyrr-hic i-AMB!

wordsmythe wrote:

An-na-PEST, an-na-PEST, an-na-PEST, pyrr-hic i-AMB!

What can I say? I've got those metrical feet. Give them a low-down beat, and they start dibraching.