Dr Awkward vs. cancer - let's show our support!


Rest in peace Doc. It was always a pleasure playing TF2 and Left 4 Dead with you. I should really play more games with Goodjers, cause y'all are great people, as Doc exemplified so well. My condolences to all his loved ones.

I just say and read through every single post. I am so glad that Vin came here and shared the news, as I was finding it difficult to. Just yesterday, I became a widow at the age of 38 and am now also a single parent in charge of raising our 6.5 year old twins in a way that would make Doc proud.

This was our worst nightmare, and it came true. We kept thinking that our luck had to turn around, and we would get good news, because why would a relatively healthy 47 year old die of colon cancer.

In one of our many conversations towards the end, he said make sure you tell the Goodjers that I love them; and he did. You all gave him hours and hours, and hours of entertainment, whether playing games directly, drinking along side him from 500 miles away, to advice and laughter from the treads. You were a huge part of hie life, and the fact that so many of you have given support to our family during this times, proves that.

An obituary is forthcoming, but there will me a memorial service for Tim on Veterans Day, Saturday, November 11th (Tim was a veteran, so the day couldn't be more fitting) in Milford CT at 1:00pm. If anyone local wants to attend, just shoot me a message and I will give you the address..

I was going to post two pictures that were fitting, but I cant seem to figure it out..blah

Thank you so much Missy for writing these beautiful words in what can only be a heartwrenching time. I can't help to feel humbled that Tim would think of us in the end, but then again, he did touch us, so many, many of us, from all over, even across continents. I'm certain he knew that. I had never met him, and yet here I am, missing his humor, his good nature, his wit.
I won't be able to attend on November 11th, but I will definitely keep him, you, his daughter, the twins, all of you, in my thoughts.

Missy, I am truly sorry for your loss. I think it goes without saying that should the community be able to provide future assistance, you need only ask.

Dragonfly and I are too far to make it to the memorial service, I but plan to remember your husband with a moment of silence and contemplation at 1pm on the 11th. I just wish I could offer more than condolences and remembrance.

Missy, I know you know this, but this entire community has your back. I would like to attend, I will message you for more details. Stay strong and know that you are loved.

Didn't know him well, but I ALWAYS hit the brakes for a Dr Awkward post if I was zipping through a thread. By all accounts a man of unique personality and also great personal gravity. His presence will be missed :-/

Like Tyrian, I'm too far away to attend the memorial, but I too will pause and lift you and the family up in prayer. We all love you and the kids, and should you need anything, you need only ask.

My deepest condolences to you and your family Missy.

All the love in the world to you and your boys right now Missy. I am so sorry.

I'm so sorry for your loss Missy.

I'm so sorry Missy.

my deepest condolences Missy.

I don't think I knew Doc was a fellow veteran. I'll raise two toasts on veterans day in his honor, and I'm sending you all the love and warm wishes for you and your kids.

I'm sorry for your loss...

So sorry to hear. We grieve with you. As everyone says let us know if you need anything.

Missy did an awesome job of writing Tim's obit. Here it is, with a goodjer mention as well!


My most sincere condolences to your family for your loss. While I have become a GWJ lurker rather than post like I used to, I have been following this situation with the closest attention each day and would be remiss not to share my heartfelt sympathies. The manner in which you and Doc have handled this tragedy is an inspirational, commendable example to us all.

I have contributed at the gofundme page but please send me a direct message if there is something more I might possibly be able to do. Rest in peace, Doc.

I'm so sorry for your loss Missy. All the best to you, your sons, and your whole family. RIP Doc.

DeThroned wrote:

Missy did an awesome job of writing Tim's obit. Here it is, with a goodjer mention as well!

Gamer's with Jobs

That local paper needs to pay its copy editors better or find new ones.

Taking this to PM, sorry everyone.

I let Tim's guild in GW2 (Zealots of Shiverpeaks) know what has happened, and linked to this thread in their forum. They send their condolences.

I just found out today. I’m so sorry.

So Sorry for your loss Missy.

My condolences - I had the honor of playing with Doc during a night of Bottle Rockets. I hadn't really played with the other folk here, though I partook of the steam sale gift giving, and it was as if I always knew him. I'm glad I had a chance to get to know him both here, and there.

He will be missed

I'll miss you Doc. Your positive and fun-loving attitude was always a breath of fresh air. Bottle Rockets won't be the same without you.

So sorry, Missy.

Was playing Rocket League last night and Cragmyre mentioned how great it was to get to play with Doc, and I realized something must have happened.

I'm glad I got to play with him for years, through TF2, L4D and RL. He will be missed.

Rest in peace Doc