I'm about to be a neophyte in the world of cosplay and I'd like to have a place to ask some questions or just chat about others various projects without diving into the deep-end of dedicated cosplay forums. My girlfriend and her daughters are huge cosplayers and going to anime conventions are kind of their thing. They took me to my first small local anime convention earlier this year, we're going to another in a couple months, and then we'll be going to Dragoncon in September. They were afraid if I went straight into Dragoncon as my first experience I'd just flat-out die. Gotta' work me up to this.

They've been encouraging me to get involved and decide on a costume I'd like to work on for almost a year now. I finally landed on one and we've begun working on it. The sheer amount of work that goes into real costuming is just astounding to me. I had no idea. Luckily my girlfriend and her daughters are all insanely skilled artists (my girlfriend actually makes her living in graphic design, painting, and sculpting), and her daughters are amazing seamstresses and they've all agreed to do the heavy lifting for my costume.

Through them I've found local makers groups, costuming guilds, the local 501st legion, etc. This whole subculture that I had nothing but a passing knowledge of is really interesting to me. So, to get things started, do we have any goodjers who also cosplay and any tips for a neophyte?

I don't cosplay but I am in the process of 3d printing the armored batman suit. This place is pretty cool if you haven't checked it out yet.

Not I personally, but my best friend is heavily into it. He is a 501st guy and has an amazing darth vader and stormtrooper suit. Has like $2000 into his stormtrooper outfit and $2500 into the darth. He is 6'6" and regularly goes to 501st events and also to a local hospital which films a show for the young children. Amazing how involved you can be in that group if you want to be and they do some really cool things for events. He also made his son a Boba Fett and Kylo Ren, but he isn't old enough to join the 501st yet. It all started out by trying to make a cool Halloween costume.

This was me last Sat. Close to being int he 501st.


The RPF is another good site to read more about replica costumes and items.

Also, which costume?

I do but nothing to the level a lot of people do. And I'll 2nd (or 3rd or whatever) the RPF if you want to get really inspired.

I'm hoping to have my "Rebel Scum" costume done by Dragoncon. Maybe we can have a low-end GWJ S&T there.

Edit: That's assuming Atlanta isn't consumed in some unexpected hellmouth by then, which given our last few weeks isn't entirely unlikely...

I've never been to DragonCon, though it's on my to-do list, along with ECCC. My wife started cosplaying before she knew there was a word for it, and then I joined in a few years ago. My goal this year for NYCC is to have a Prompto cosplay, so I can use my camera while in cosplay and not have cognitive dissonance

Just in case some of you weren't aware of this show on SyFy:


The costume I've begun working on is Darth Nihilus from KOTOR 2. My girlfriend, her daughters, and the oldest girl's boyfriend all dressed as Undertale characters for the last convention we went to and now my girlfriend is wanting to work on a Star Wars costume that would go with my Nihilus. The two she's liked so far are Revan and Visas Marr. She can't stand twi'leks which is what seemingly every site kept directing her towards for female Star Wars cosplay (and you can forget the slave Leia thing.).

What I've found interesting is all the people who just make up their own characters to wear to conventions. We have a few guys locally who make web videos and comics about their cosplay characters that they just made up from whole cloth. My girlfriend also just like to make up characters and wear costumes that she calls her alter ego and she's far more comfortable walking the convention floor in full costume than she is in plain clothes. Seeing her and her daughters so comfortable and happy at that anime convention just showed me what a safe space they considered it and how they could just be themselves without worrying about what anyone thought.