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Math wrote:

Rand and Selene being one. (Though I'm unsure about Lanfear being some sorta undead?) How Liandrin tricked Nynaeve et al into leaving the tower being the other. In both cases the books made the protagonists look pretty credulous.


I think the Forsaken being immortal except for Balefire, is a good change from the book. I always had trouble remembering the Forsaken's reincarnated names. Can you imagine trying to explain to non book readers, that Lanfear is in a new body (new actress) and her name is Cyndane? Plus, while the show didn't explain it, they did show the Saa in her eyes, when she healed, and that the black weaves that healed her wounds had to be the True Power.

Episode 5 was way better than Episode 4. Part of it is because it's fun watching the bad guys put on their goth makeup and twirl their moustaches at each other, and part of it, hate to say it, is the total lack of Lan, Alanna, and Alanna's Himbos.

It feels bad, because I like Lan's actor-- Alanna and her himbos I could take or leave -- and the writers seem determined to give him a main character's amount of screen time and absolutely nothing to do in it. He's not Rand's mentor like he was in the book, he's not Moraine's warder any more, he just seems to be in a holding pattern until they need him to be Nynaeve's love interest again, which even at the show's accelerated pace likely won't be for a season or two, and in the books even after that he was really only good for a BDSM joke or two, but that's okay because in a book you don't need to keep an actor busy enough to stop them from going and getting another gig.

Aviendha was awesome though, Dream World Goth Dommy Mommy Lanfear at the end was fun, and Verin's the GOAT.

I will say her circumstances is one thing I remember from the books that adds so much deliciousness to every scene Verin is in. (especially the scene with Liandrin, in my head I was going "ooh child!")

And while I enjoy the casting of Nynaeve, Egwene and Elayne, zomg Aviendha is just bonkers great! (Elias too)

God yeah, knowing what's going to happen gives me double levels of joy for every scene Verin is in because she plays it so well. Every move looks innocent if you don't know what's coming, and looks super deep if you do. Brilliant casting.

And yeah, this ep could have just been Aviendha kicking ass and I would have been satisfied.

fangblackbone wrote:

I will say her circumstances is one thing I remember from the books that adds so much deliciousness to every scene Verin is in. (especially the scene with Liandrin, in my head I was going "ooh child!")

Neither my wife nor I have read the books, but we both thought her facial expressions during that scene were perfect.

The hardest part is not making comments about things I know while I watch with my partner, they haven't read the books.

I have the opposite, not with WoT, but with anything Marvel. My wife thinks I am an expert on everything since I read comics back in the 90s. She also often asks "what does GWJ say/think?"

But I could easily see that if we watched WoT together. The show is reminding me that the sum total of things I remember from the books can be written in less than half a page. I have about a dozen character names and barely more than strong impressions of whether I root for them or boo them ;P

I feel like Lorne Balfe is also enjoying the wider world-building this season. I thought the S1 soundtrack was fine but a little workmanlike, like he was mostly just trying to look for ways to not completely rip off Game of Thrones or LotR - but the stuff he's doing this time around with the vocal/choral themes for the Seanchan and Aiel feels actually inspired, and genuinely original. There was some really terrific music in Ep 5, and the overall audio mix gives it plenty of room to shine.


Good girl.