Destiny 2 Catch-All

Sydhart wrote:

I liked Destiny 2 but just couldn't find people to play with so stopped playing.

Me too

I really want a solid group to play with but at least on the GWJ discord nobody plays. Lol that's why I think i've been sticking with OW since it's one of the few games with a long time established group

We actually have a decent sized crowd still playing the game. The reason you don't see us on the main GWJ Discord is that there are enough of us that we wanted the ability to organize things specifically for playing and discussing the game (which we do a LOT of there, hence this thread not being very active either).

It's in the main post, but I think the link is bad, so here's one that will work:

Wherever you play, it's the best place to go to chat with GWJ folks about the game.

The Xbox community is quite active, and they actually do raids and other large organized activities fairly often.

The PC community is a bit more variable - I think there might be more of us, but we play at less predictable times and more sporadically. Still, very easy to jump on the discord and pop out a message at the platform specific group to find folks to potentially group up with.

I'm less certain about how many people are still playing on PS4. Many of them are members of our Discord server, but they mostly seemed to use platform specific tools to chat and group up, so we don't have much visibility on what they're up to.


Anyway, now is an excellent time to come back to the game -- it's never been better, and they've done a lot of work to make it easier for new and/or lapsed players to quickly catch up and get to a place where they can enjoy as much of the new and exciting content in the game as possible.

The release of Shadowkeep will also be an excellent time, perhaps even better (especially for new players), since all of the year 1 content will become free at that point.

Also, since that's when cross-save will become available, that will be the perfect time for folks to switch to PC to get the best experience of the game possible.

Joking aside, it will be a great time for the community to grow in all directions, since the fact that the base game will become free will make it very easy for existing players to jump over and play with friends on other platforms whenever they like.

zeroKFE wrote:

I'm less certain about how many people are still playing on PS4. Many of them are members of our Discord server, but they mostly seemed to use platform specific tools to chat and group up, so we don't have much visibility on what they're up to.

Right now, the PS4 clan is more or less inactive, but the active members of the PS4 group mainly use the PS4 Messenger app. I think the main reason for the lack of activity is most of the more active PS4 players have been playing Destiny since D1 and many of us finally got burnt out. As clan leader, I maintain access to the Destiny App so that I get Clan Invites if and when they come in - especially when things pick up around new DLC and the upcoming changes. Depending on how that all goes, I may even return myself.

I'm in a separate PS4 Clan with some IRL buddies, but add me and ill play with ya.

Though this weekend is the Monster Hunter World Beta thing so...I may or may not be available.

I"ve been out for a while. Don't have the Forsaken Season Pass. If I get it now, do I have access to the two previous mini-expansions? or just the current Season of Opulance?

I believe all of year 2 is sold as as single annual pass, so yeah, you should be getting it all.

zeroKFE wrote:

I believe all of year 2 is sold as as single annual pass, so yeah, you should be getting it all.

Sorry should have clarified, I assume I can do everything in those. The term Season just had me confused.

If any PS4 players are looking to group up regularly, look me up (mftalent). I am usually on in the evenings and sporadic on the mic in between fighting off my 3 year old as she tries to swipe my Steelseries off my head. Just hit level 50 (went hard in the paint for 5 days straight) so I should be good for a bunch of content.

So Destiny has it’s teeth in me again. I saw that I got kicked from the clan, understandable since it’s been well over a year since I’ve logged in, but I sent in a request to rejoin if anyone else is still active.

ruhk wrote:

So Destiny has it’s teeth in me again. I saw that I got kicked from the clan, understandable since it’s been well over a year since I’ve logged in, but I sent in a request to rejoin if anyone else is still active.

Ping @zarak on the GWJ Destiny Discord if you need to be approved for the PC/Xbox clan.

The grind for the new event armor is long. But some guy literally did his in 13 hours....the event has been available for 24 hours. Jesus dude.

But hey...the mini sparrow is the most fun thing ever so...Weeeeeee

I got the beach ball ghost!

ruhk wrote:

So Destiny has it’s teeth in me again.

Same. I stopped playing around January, I think? One of the guys I used to play with/am playing with again mentioned that the Season of Opulence was worth playing. I asked about the horrendous (imho) powerful engram power level drops and he said that they increased the level drop (approximately +5 power/drop as opposed to +1 power/drop), so I checked it out. Two months later, I’m playing almost everyday. Damn it, Bungie.

Anyway, I play on Xbox, if anyone needs help with anything, or just wants to tool around! GT: BDiggla. Stay safe, Guardians!

GrandSlamSingle wrote:

But hey...the mini sparrow is the most fun thing ever so...Weeeeeee

I love that damn ScootyPuff Jr.!

So I followed all the steps, but Destiny 2 isn't in my steam library, and the confirmation screen seems to refer to my characters and silver, and the store page on Steam doesn't indicate that I already own it.

Was the transfer just for my save data? Do I have to re-buy Destiny 2 on Steam if I want to play on PC?

EDIT: The FAQ says it includes the game, but the game didn't transfer. Do I just wait for October and cross my fingers?

This was just linking accounts to prepare for the transfer. The process likely won’t be complete until the release of Shadowkeep, when Destiny officially “launches” on steam.

Everyone is moving to PC and I'm just sitting here waiting the download time for ps4

Yeah, per the notice I got when linking accounts/setting up the transfer:

Bungie may initiate a transfer of your purchased Destiny 2 game entitlements and any remaining Destiny 2 Silver on your account to the Steam platform account that you link to your profile. This one-time, non-reversible transfer will take effect on 10/1.
Bungie may move your Destiny 2 characters and all associated progress, activity, permissions and restrictions from your Destiny 2 account to the Steam account you link to your profile. This will take effect on 10/1 using whichever accounts are linked at that time. If you have further questions about how to link your accounts, please visit for more details.
Upon completion of the migration on 10/1, you will not be able to transfer your Destiny 2 entitlements to any other account, nor will you be allowed to transfer any other Destiny 2 account to the Steam account you have linked, and you will no longer be able to play Destiny 2 on

I just realized with the switch to Steam I'm going to be able to play on my couch with my Steamlink. Woohoo.

So will there be a console clan? If so how can I join? Is it casualish?

PS4 Guardian here looking for a fire team starting Oct 1

Caveman_chubs on PSN

A while back I was in the PS4 clan, then I fell off--now with the account transfer from PS4 to PC and the upcoming Shadowkeep, I am back in and on the PC--I sent a request to join the Xbox/PC clan, hope to catch some folks online sometime!

Is the gwj clan on PS4 have a dragon on a flag?

If I played Destiny 2 base game on PC but am interested in getting Shadowkeep on Xbox...can I just do that? I did the thing last week to transfer my PC character to Steam. If I pre-order Shadowkeep now, will I be able to import my PC character (bc the pre-order comes with the earlier expansions available now)? Or will I have to wait until October 1 to do that? Or have I misunderstood and I won't ever be able to import my PC character to Xbox?

Not sure I actually have the time available to do this, but I am tempted...

You probably will want to set up cross save too:

You should be able to do that now, so that it's ready to go when you start playing on the Xbox (or return to playing on PC).

But yes, once you have things properly linked, you should be good.

As of October 1st, the base of Destiny 2 is free to play on all platforms -- that includes all of year 1 content, plus key feature enhancements from year 2 and 3 (such as the new gambit mode, and access to all patrol locations). Licenses for core Forsaken and Shadowkeep content (ie, story/campaign missions, raids, various additional activities) will be platform specific, but you should be able to freely move between platforms and use your character to do core activities freely anywhere, without it impacting what items you can use, etc.

Last I played Destiny 2 was December 2018. Did I miss any story missions and DLC since then? I believe I do have the season pass, but it's so confusing raking through all the news, etc since.

Balthezor wrote:

Last I played Destiny 2 was December 2018. Did I miss any story missions and DLC since then? I believe I do have the season pass, but it's so confusing raking through all the news, etc since.

Funny you should ask -- I was just writing up a quick pimer/FAQ about this stuff to post here and on the Destiny 2 Discord's FAQ channel.

Give me a few more minutes, and hopefully I'll have some good answers for you.

Thanks zeroKFE, would love to see that. I haven't picked up Destiny 2 in about 5 months or so, but interested in getting back into it next week.

I'm looking forward to this. I played it when it first came out and liked it quite a bit, but eventually I ran out of things to do. Picking it up again, especially with a consistent group of people, would be great.

What is Destiny 2: New Light? Is this game free now or something?


As of October 1st, the base of Destiny 2 (now called “New Light”) is free to play on all platforms — that includes ALL year 1 content, plus key feature enhancements from year 2 and 3 (such as gambit mode from year 2, and access to all patrol locations regardless of year added). Licenses for core Forsaken and Shadowkeep content (ie, story/campaign missions, raids, various additional activities) will be platform specific, but if you configure Cross Save you should be able to freely move between platforms and use your character to do core activities freely anywhere, without it impacting what items you can use, etc.

Regardless of what pieces (if any) of Destiny 2 you have already bought and/or played, Bungie has made it a major initiative to streamline the process of getting in and enjoying whatever part of the content you are interested in as quickly as possible, and only paying for the chunks you actually want to play. For example, many “attunement” style dependencies between story content will no longer be in place — you should be able to play either of the chunks of story content associated with Forsaken or Shadowkeep without having to first play the content from year 1, and presumably you should also be able to play the two year 1 DLC stories (Curse of Osiris and Warmind) in any order without having played the base campaign either. Also, apparently certain patrol zones that previously required you to have completed certain pieces of story content to unlock access should be more freely available.

How do licenses/seasons/other purchases work in Destiny 2 now that it’s free to play?

TL;DR for this section wrote:

Expansion licenses are platform specific. Seasons are applied account wide across platforms. Season passes can be purchased in game with silver, but each expansion license also comes with one season pass.

Hence, if you buy the expansion on multiple platforms you’ll get multiple “free” seasons applied to your account, as long as you have cross save properly configured BEFORE logging in on each platform after the purchase.

Well worth asking, since there was a LOT of confusion about it over the last few months (so much so that I couldn't remember where it all landed, and I was following it as it happened).

Basically, there are three things you can buy for Destiny now, and they attach to your account differently.

  • Expansion licenses (currently, Forsaken and Shadowkeep). These are platform specific licenses to major collections of story/campaign content and activities, and thus need to be bought for each platform you want to use them on. However, as mentioned above, owning an expansion on one platform but not others shouldn’t be a big inconvenience — your (cross save enabled) character should work as expected everywhere, you just won’t be able to launch into certain types of activities on platforms where you don’t own the expansion license. Worth noting about Forsaken: originally, Forsaken was sold as a core expansion plus an annual pass for all four seasons in year 2. Some of that content is now part of the core free to play package (such as gambit), and the rest is now sold as a single combined expansion license (and if you only ever bought Forsaken, you now can access the Annual Pass items regardless).
  • Silver. This is the microtransaction currency for Destiny 2, used to purchase cosmetic items (and only cosmetic items). Your silver balance is also platform specific, but when you buy items in game with silver, they are added to your cross platform account, and can be used anywhere. The only trick here is that you have to spend the currency on the platform where you buy it.
  • Season passes. This is where the majority of the confusion existed. Season passes are account bound, and thus are NOT platform specific. They are acquired either by purchasing them in game with silver (and as mentioned above, items purchased with silver can be used anywhere), or they can be acquired bundled with Shadowkeep expansion purchases.

More details on how season passes work:
- Every purchase of a Shadowkeep expansion license includes a season pass. Purchasing the deluxe Shadowkeep edition gets you four season passes, enough to cover all of year 3. The first time you log into the game after purchasing Shadowkeep those bundled passes will be applied to your account, SO BE SURE YOU CONFIGURE CROSS SAVE BEFORE LOGGING IN FOR THE FIRST TIME AFTER BUYING SHADOWKEEP. If you don’t configure cross save first, and buy then log in on a platform that does NOT have your desired primary account, those season passes will be attached to an account you may essentially be losing access to once you link in to an account that originated on a different platform.

- Activating a season pass (even the ones that come bundled with a Shadowkeep expansion purchase) gives you access to whatever the current season is. So, if you don’t buy Shadowkeep until sometime next year, you’ll get access to whatever season is ongoing at that time, because seasons work a bit differently in year 3 than they did in year 2. Seasons are ephemeral, and once they are complete, there is no ability (or need) to purchase a previous season.

- As alluded to by the fact that the deluxe edition gives you four season passes at once, you can bank multiple future passes on your account. Well, sort of. Currently, they’ve only committed to the four seasons in year 3 - seasons 8 through 11. If you apply bundled passes to an account that already owns seasons up to 11, you will be granted the value of that bundled pass in silver instead (1000 silver) to use on the platform you bought the expansion license on.

- In case you are wondering what a season pass gets you, as of year 3, it’s an interesting new combination of things. Folks familiar with battle passes from games like Fortnite and DOTA will immediately recognize the most notable new part of it — it now includes a time limited progression mechanic where you unlock access to a variety of in game items simply by playing the game throughout the season. It will have two tracks: one for all players regardless of whether they’ve bought into the season or not, and another just for players who own the season.

- However, it will also give access to content more along the lines of what you’d expect from a year 2 season, or other more traditional “mini expansion” models, such as new activities to do in game and new rewards to chase in those activities. The main difference there is that many of these activities will be time limited to just the season they are introduced. Bungie is experimenting with this concept for a variety of reasons — most notably to allow them to have an ever changing narrative that is reflected in the activities you can do in game. However, perhaps more importantly, it allows them to try new, interesting things with less concern about general scope creep (and accompanying install size bloat) and ongoing balance and maintenance issues outside the context of a single season. Also worth noting is that Bungie has committed to making sure that important rewards from seasonal activities will eventually be made available through other means when an associated seasonal activity goes away, although it might not be done immediately as a new season starts.

Relevant links for further reference regarding how seasons work in year 3:

So I’m returning after having skipped some portion of year 1 and/or 2. What did I miss, and do I need to care?

In a broad sense, the theory is that you shouldn’t need to care. You should be able to play the new stuff (some of which will even be available without actually buying Shadowkeep) or even various other intermediate chunks of older stuff without having to first play through anything that came before. That said, there are a variety of reasons you might want to care about the content from year 1 and 2.

If you’re interested in the story, well, obviously you should care about it. There is a logical sequence to do things in, roughly approximated by release date (see below). It’s debatable how much that order really matters, of course. Also, many of the folks that are truly into the story of the game will tell you that the most interesting stuff isn’t directly part of story missions anyway, but more in the environmental, incidental, and other bits of ancillary storytelling that happens around the edges (ie, lore tabs on items and in the triumphs UI).

If you’re interested in increasing your power level, there’s a broader conversation about changes to that process that’s outside the scope of this post. However, suffice to say that many things that granted powerful rewards in year 2 won’t anymore, except in as much as they contribute to the many broader challenges in the game (for example, challenges to complete a certain number of bounties, or new activities with meta challenges that can be completed in part or in full by doing older content). But, the full landscape of what leveling power looks like in year 2 won’t really be clear until we’ve been at it for at least a week or two. Bungie usually does a decent job of balancing keeping old content relevant while promoting what’s new, and I’d expect that will continue, but there’s a big shakeup about to happen either way, so if you’re reading this well into the release of Shadowkeep, you should be able to find relevant information elsewhere.

If you’re interested in the fashion game (and why wouldn’t you be) or just in customizing the mechanics of your armor, spectacular news: every piece of armor (of legendary quality or better) that drops for you should once again be relevant, since everything has been updated to be part of the new “Armor 2.0” system. While it will likely be the case that armor associated with pinnacle activities (raids, iron banner, etc) might be better in some fashion or other — better chances for good stat rolls, maybe, or perhaps an additional customization slot with unique features — armor from every source should be relevant and usable again. As such, playing through older content to get some of the unique and interesting armor designs will once again have value beyond checking off boxes on the collections screen.

If you’re interested in hunting down weapons, the news is a bit more mixed. Some year 1 sources might still be dropping year 1 spec weapons which have fixed perks sets that (mostly) lack an extra column of options that are found on weapons from year 2 and 3 sources. But, perhaps more of those sources will be updated to the new spec? We’ll learn more next week, I suppose. Either way, it’s at the very least worth checking out all the unique weapon options available from various year 2 activities (as well as the year 1 raids), since they should continue to be interesting and relevant even as year 3 adds more options.

Finally, here’s a super rough sketch of each major chunk of content in the game in release order, as well as a brief (well, as brief as I can manage) summary of what’s in each piece.

The Red War — Destiny 2 year 1’s main story content, and the core of the now free content. This is the foundation of the story being told throughout Destiny 2, and there’s a lot of good fun to be had there. It also does a great job of introducing you to all of the major environments in the game and giving you an overview of what the whole world is about. For armor and weapon collectors, presumably you’ll still get a few free exotics as you progress through the quests, which is well worth the effort, but most of the other armor and weapons encountered are items you can acquire just by doing patrols in the various environments from the base game (EDZ for woodland camo themed items, Nessus for space BMX gear, Titan for retro-future astronaut armor, and Io for a medieval space theme.)

Leviathan — The raid for base Destiny 2, now free for everyone. This is actually the name of a container area where three other smaller raids also exist, but the larger core Leviathan raid comes next chronologically. It offers a variety of mechanically interesting challenges, and adds some narrative texture to the Cabal, one of the major factions of enemies you’ll encounter in the game. It also features armor with unique and interesting aesthetics, and some of the best year 1 weapons still worth using after the year 2 weapon system changes.

Curse of Osiris — The first DLC pack for year 1, now free for everyone. Probably the most maligned chuck of content in the game, but I think it’s fun enough. Much of the hate had to do with the overall disappointing scope and structure of the whole expansion, but no reason not to at least play through the core story if you’re interested. You’ll learn more about the Vex, see Mercury across three distinct eras, and there’s also some super deep lore nerd sh*t in there that apparently is more meaningful if you were really into Destiny 1. Not much here on the weapons and armor front, though. The Mercury amor set has some cool “I gutted a bunch of Vex and wore their skin as armor” stuff going on, but you can get it just by doing patrol activities on Mercury outside of the story. As for weapons, there’s actually some really cool looking weapon designs that you can grind out after completing the story, but they were mechanically uninteresting even in year 1, so unless they get a year 2 update, very little reason to care.

Leviathan: Eater of Worlds — This is the first “raid lair,” added to the game with Curse of Osiris, also free now. It’s launched from the same general area as the core Leviathan raid, but it’s shorter, less time consuming affair where you deal with a Vex core mind causing trouble with the Cabal megaship. Cool encounter design, VERY cool aesthetics, but I personally thought the armor set was a bit of a dud. Your milage may vary, though. Can’t recall if the weapons were any good, but like the core Leviathan weapons, I believe they at least get the second column of perks that all other year 1 weapons lack.

Warmind — The second DLC pack for year 2, also free for everyone. Reintroduces Mars and the human built super AIs called Warminds from Destiny 1, and provides a quick jaunt to a big fight with a giant worm Hive god. When initially released the story content was also a prerequisite for access to several quests for (quite good) exotic weapons and for accessing the “Escalation Protocol” activity in Mars patrol zones, but those attunements might change or go away. In terms of armor, the Mars planetary set (accessible via standard patrol activities) has an arctic military vibe to it, with the weapons once again being stymied by the year 1 weapon spec. EP, however, offers access to weapons that compete with year 2 items, and an additional armor set with more of a brutalist space mecha feel to it that I particularly liked the look of.

Leviathan: Spire of the Stars — The second “raid lair,” added with Warmind, also free now. Another chunk interesting and unique encounter design (albeit a bit plagued with frustrating bugs), where you are asked step in and intervene in a factional dispute within the Cabal aboard their megaship. The armor on offer was just a reskin of the Eater of Worlds set, and again I can’t really recall what the weapons were, but I do know that the final boss can drop an awesome rare emote that I want but probably will never get.

Forsaken — Destiny 2 year 2’s main story content, now purchasable with the rest of the year 2 content as a single license. Go on a quest of revenge through the delightfully weird Tangled Shore in the the Reef (the asteroid belt), working with the underworld of the Fallen to deal with the threat of an entirely new to Destiny faction, the titular Forsaken. Then when the main story is done continue on to more adventures in the etherial Dreaming City patrol zone (think space Tolkien elven country) where you’ll help the Awoken reclaim and rediscover lost magical McGuffins of some sort or other. There’s a new horde mode activity (the Blind Well), lots of weird and hidden challenges, and the game’s first “dungeon” (3 person raid, essentially) called the Shattered Throne. The main story features lots of cool Fallen/Space Hobo themed weapons and armor, and the Dreaming City has items with florid, elven aesthetics to collect, and mixed throughout you’ll find the mechanics for unlocking the new subclasses added in this expansion.

The Last Wish — A full length raid that integrates with the stories and activities found in the Dreaming City. Lots and lots of excellent encounters to be done along the way, with a second set of armor and weapons with unique looks but similar design aesthetics to the items found in the Dreaming City. Lots of well thought of weapons to be rolled in here, plus a rare and powerful exotic weapon available from the final encounter.

Season of the Forge — The first content drop from the year 2 Annual Pass, now sold as a single unit with the rest of the Forsaken content. As with all the the year 2 annual stuff, there was not nearly as much of the traditional story mission content found in previous Destiny releases; instead, narrative is delivered in various unique and novel ways throughout these releases, integrated and wrapped around the various new activities offered in a number of different ways (some more successful, and some less so). In this content drop, the Black Armory was added, which was as series of four new horde mode activities with unique mechanics connected by long and circuitous unlock quests. If you go back and do it now it might feel like a bit of a slog (since it was originally meant to be done over several weeks), but the activity is fun and the rewards are great, so I’d definitely recommend it if you’re at all interested. Notably, it was the first major pass made in the game at giving the player better control over what rewards they would acquire for participating in an activity. Also, there’s a really cool faded glory future industrialist visual theme to the weapons and gear, which is a nice cherry on top of the highly desirable nature of many of the weapons. Oh, and exotics — there are three fairly desirable exotic weapons available either as rare drops from the forge activity or from related quests.

Scourge of the Past — A “raid lair” sized raid added with the Black Armory. Unlike the year 1 raid lairs, however, this one was in an entirely new and unique setting — you’ll find yourself fighting through the bombed out ruins of the city working to prevent the Fallen from claiming powerful lost technology from the Black Armory. Similar to how the Last Wish was a different take on the same themes as the Dreaming City, this raid’s rewards are different twists in the same design playground as the Black Armory stuff. Also similar to the Last Wish, this raid offers a nice handful of desirable weapons (the shotgun in particular), as well as a powerful but rare exotic weapon from the final encounter.

Season of the Drifter — The second content drop from the year 2 Annual Pass, now sold as a single unit with the rest of the Forsaken content. This season’s content centered around a new variant of the gambit game mode, and a new horde mode activity called the Reckoning, and was met with mixed reactions. Narratively, there’s lots of interesting bits to be learned about the the Drifter and the mysterious power brokers known as the Nine, but the methods of interacting with the story were very experimental, and things were a bit content light if you weren’t interested in gambit. That said, the Reckoning offered a new and exciting pool of weapon archetypes to roll, and with changes made in a recent patch it’s actually worth the effort required to try to roll them.

Season of Opulence — The third and final content drop from the year 2 Annual Pass, now sold as a single unit with the rest of the Forsaken content. This season brought us back to the Leviathan for more fun and games with the Cabal emperor. Several features of note here. The first is another new activity called the Menagerie, which took on the challenge of delivering raid style encounters (suitable for 6 players) but making them accessible for a more casual matchmake experience, by removing fail states and replacing them with high skill ceiling challenges for players who want to go above and beyond. Additionally, it offers an even more refined system for allowing the player to have control over what rewards they earned upon completing the activity, which is a very welcome addition indeed. The other major feature is wrapped up in the mechanics of one of the new exotic quests, where along the (long, time gated) way you’ll be building what is effectively a shooting gallery, which is a long requested feature for players who want to test builds and theorycraft the game. Lots of good new weapon archetypes to roll as part of the Menagerie, as well as new Leviathan themed armor, this time with a bit more of a steam punky rococo feel to it.

Leviathan: The Crown of Sorrow — Another raid lair in the Levithan megaship complex. This time around, the Emperor needs help dealing with a Cabal who has delved too deeply into Hive mysticism. Armor drops spit the thematic difference between the old Leviathan armor and the new Menagerie set, with a touch of Hive influence thrown in for good measure. And, as with every raid in year 2, there was another rare exotic weapon available from the final encounter. This one, however, seems to be a bit less well thought of.

Anyway, hopefully that’s helpful for all the new and returning players.

Also, remember, this thread is a bit quiet compared to threads for similar games because a good chunk of the GWJ Destiny community spends our time discussing the game and organizing play sessions on a dedicated Discord server. Please feel free to join us!