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Little queens say the darndest things.

Let’s not forget the full team

They are all appearing in each other’s videos now. And then they go onto the Destiny’s stream for a chat. Seems Oliver was referencing Destiny in the Sex Work video so I hope the two do have a little chin wag soon.

Housing Vouchers and Neighborhood Mobility

Stewart's been on that beat hard pretty much since 9/11. He's had great moments on the Daily Show about it. Which accomplished nothing, because we are in a dystopian hellscape kleptocracy.

I can't help but wish that Stewart would put his reason and passion and connections to use helping far more people. Ailing 9-11 first responders absolutely deserve support but I'd love to see him play as the conscience and wisdom of liberals as whole instead.

You can't tilt your moral lance at everything all the time. He feels called to this, I'm glad he's doing it.

I just wish we had more Heroes of Reason to have the luxury of spreading them around so thinly.