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farley3k wrote:

How Reagan Ruined Everything

Very cool. That lawyer is now in my YouTube subscriptions.

I lived through Reaganomics as a working man in my 20s and I remember it well. The sad thing is that while there were people sounding alarms at the economic policies, from my perspective it wasn't concretely shown to be an utter disaster until George HW Bush made it a fundamental part of his platform. By then the writing was on the wall and pretty much everyone understood what had happened.

GHW Bush flipped the script and made it about taxes (when it was actually only about reducing the taxes of the super rich and corporations), so he became president.

Great clip but you have to go to Reddit to see it. Well worth it though
"Looks like classified documents in the sh*tter"

Here is the Youtube version - love it!

Thought this was a really good history video. I watch the other guys stuff but this one is the most politically relevant to today. The idea that the average human is naturally suited to a 4 to 6 work hour schedule fits me at least. That's basically what I have now and I enjoy it a lot.

Why US Healthcare Is So Broken

Daddy, What'd Ya Leave Behind for Me? - How baby boomers did everything they could to leave behind a dystopia.


Blaming the Baby Boomers by citing an anecdotal person (Ian's father Peter) who is a Gen X'er, eh? Interesting premise for introducing one's thesis.

I live 2 blocks from this guy.

Video shows how F up area has become. Police are a joke.

Should just legalize and tax brothels.

Could America Handle Universal Basic Income?

Don't worry about the age restriction, it's a very serious take on the Ukraine War with footage from the war and other conflicts (hence the restriction) and how thdey happened and why Putin did what he did for each. Given what has occurred in the US and UK recently were it turned out talk of 4D chess was utter bull and the people just turned out to be either high on hubris, moron or both I tend to accept the final conclusion. Helps that it's all very well argued.

The author, Sarcasmitron, seriously deserves a bump in engagement for his effort at least.

Israel-Hamas War: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Made in 1945, unfortunately still applicable today.