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videos with subject matter more suited to d&d than everything else. to be discussed and / or debated, with offshot threads if discussion on a particular video or subject warrants it.

You're Not Immune To Propaganda

A Vaccine for Breast Cancer?

I doubt it will change the mind of trump voters but I hope it motivates a few people who sat on the side lines

Is ChatGPT Nicer than Your Doctor?

I like Joe's content and thought this new one on AI was both timely and interesting -- gets into both good and bad outcomes.

YouTube heard me talking about a certain flaccid sack of crap.

Climate Change and the Air We Breathe

WHOA: Gavin Newsom DESTROYS Fox host on his OWN show

Barely Contained Rage: An Open Letter to Johnson & Johnson

As a patent examiner, the secondary patent existing does not mean the subject of the original patent does not become public. Is the new version more effective? Maybe.

That does not change the fact the original patent (without the "pen cap") will end up no longer being protected under IP law.

(Note, I have not looked at the patent.)

This Is Why You're Poor

Ugh dude, stop linking twitter please. Screen shot it or something.

Prederick wrote:


Wonderful. Love him.

SallyNasty wrote:

Ugh dude, stop linking twitter please. Screen shot it or something.

Unfortunately, Twitter ain't TikTok, so if the video is there, a link is all I can do.

Prederick wrote:


Rather understandably, he's walked it back slightly. Not fully, but slightly.

Maybe he found out that he'd get a medal from DeSantis if he burned down Bob Iger's house.

Since this is the thread for videos I guess this goes here. Not that there is any debate - MTG is the MVP of MAGA. I just don't think that is the good think she thinks it is.

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Assumes the Throne as ‘MAGA’s MVP’ in an Unbelievably Cringe Rap Video You Have to See to Believe

How about if I don't direct link but just a link to the article if you want to follow it?

farley3k wrote:

Since this is the thread for videos I guess this goes here.

Hi farley3k. I love your posts. I love that you keep sharing interesting things you find. Keep it up!
Occasionally though there is a thing that is shared that just shouldn't be given more views, even for the cringe of it. I feel like this is one of those things that could have been called out as existing, but not given the benefit of linking it for easy access. Linked clicks, regardless of context validate the content for anyone involved in it existing. Clickbait is clickbait.
It feels like too many people play into these creators hands and share what is obviously meant to trigger engagement and something as simple as sharing a screencap instead stops the linking nightmare while letting those with burner accounts find and consume as desired.
Opinions vary, obviously, and again, I love what you do here. ... maybe this should go into Hot-Takes? (and maybe I'm so out of date that I don't realize that sharing screencaps can also be counted now. The Internet sucks these days.)

farley3k wrote:

How about if I don't direct link but just a link to the article if you want to follow it?

The algorithm is an unholy thing, but linking an article with a video credits the article with links, as I understand it. An improvement since it shouldn't directly benefit the video creators (unless they made a deal with the author). Thank you for your consideration! It's a small thing, in the scope of the Internet, but it's one less sh*tty video that is linked directly to GWJ. Thank you!

How about this one instead?


farley3k wrote:

How about this one instead?

EDIT: HOLY CRAP I'M GRUMPY TODAY. Sorry! 16 hours of driving and 8 days with my overtly religious hyper conservative inlaws (even the young ones!!) has utterly drained whatever battery I have for tomfoolerly. I'll stop posting.

As an Iowan, f*ck those people. They're brainwashed so badly they just accuse everyone else as brainwashed.

Jordan Klepper vs. Donald Trump's Road to 2024 Candidacy - Part 1 | The Daily Show

Trump finally CRUMBLES, posts video BEGGING for help
*rather inflammatory title but interesting video.

Underdog predicted Rudy Giuliani & Trump's election scheme! In the 1966 episode "The Tickle Feather Machine", Simon Bar Sinister tried to make D.C. forget his crimes. He runs for dictator, but no one will vote for him but Cad-who's tall & dumb with yellow hair. He plans to fix it so no one else votes.
It's kind of scary how accurate it is, right up to a woman rejecting Rudy, uh I mean Simon, for being so creepy.

(start around 4:20, part 2 is at 12:30)

How Reagan Ruined Everything