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DSGamer wrote:

Fascinating watch as a Belgian, as we envy how the Netherlands did zonal planning after WWII. In Belgium, everything was far more sprawled out along all national roads, making us far more car-dependent. I grew up in a social project, with plenty of kids to play with in our neighborhood, and wanted the same experience for my kids. So we bought a house at the edge of a smallish town, in a project with 40 similar houses, in a cul-de-sac.

It's such a different experience from friends/family who grew up in a house on a national road, mostly locked inside or their garden unless their parents could drive them somewhere.

And even if we're not as far ahead as our upstairs neighbors, around school opening/closing hours our streets are swarming with kids of all ages walking or biking to school. It's baffling that this is considered irresponsible in America.

She's so good at being bad.