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farley3k wrote:

ABC Tried to Bury This James Baldwin Interview. Four Decades Later, It's Blisteringly Relevant.

James Baldwin was an amazing human being. I would say he's one of my heroes, but I feel I have no right to claim him as mine. To me he's out of reach, well beyond heroes that someone like me could claim. He has taught me about the ones to whom I feel he does belong, and how to recognize and fight for their dignity.

ruhk wrote:

There’s not really an official widely accepted term outside of just “Qanon Believer.” They call themselves “Anons” but “Qultist” is the most common one I’ve seen among everyone else, though a lot of people just call them a random word with “Q” inserted. “Qcumber” for example.

Yes, qan qonfirm, Qultist and Qcumber are the most qommon I've seen.

That Living with Q video was sad af. The first couple stories made me tear up a little as I was trying to work. Yeah I've got questionable taste in background noise.

I think the title from Boing boing sums it up nicely

14 second clip shows why no-one can trust cops

Parents of a Parkland Shooting victim trick a former NRA president and current board member as well as John Lott, a rabidly pro-gun researcher with a penchant for falsifying data that doesn't show that more guns equals less crime, to give a graduation speech for a non-existent high school to 3,000+ empty chairs that represent the children who were killed with guns last year.

Something that will never fail to be depressing to me is how the former president brags about lying. Brags about lying to his supporters. And they love it because the only thing that matters is that he hates the same people he does and promises to hurt the people they hate.

Not even surprising in the least.

2 maps that tell the story of Covid-19 in America

The Racist History of Austerity Politics in America (a.k.a. - Racism and Capitalism: A Love Story). A well-researched deep dive from a news show.

Mixolyde wrote:

A well-researched deep dive from The Only! News(TM)(R)(C) "Show."

Press F to pay Respect.

How We Fix the Climate

Jordan Klepper Debates Anti-Vax Mandate Protesters in NYC | The Daily Show

A brief history of gamergate and how it led to the alt-right.
Content Warning: Everything.

Dr. Snyder has started a new series where he will read pieces of and discuss the 20 lessons from On Tyranny, which is getting republished in a new format soon. On Tyranny is the best $4 I ever spent on a book, and now you can get a nice preview of each chapter.

Better Ways to Cut Healthcare Waste

Because we have more than a few professionals and civil/public servants here ( ), I thought this would be a particularly good lesson to pull out.

Remember professional ethics.

Mixolyde wrote:

Because we have more than a few professionals and civil/public servants here ( ), I thought this would be a particularly good lesson to pull out.

Remember professional ethics.


Thanks for that. The lesson I took from it is the reminder that coups don't succeed without support from a large group of people: lawyers, judges, the military. But also, as Snyder emphasizes here, wealthy businesses who choose, or not, to defend democracy, particularly free and fair elections.

'What Was The Number One Cause Of Death Of Police?': Psaki Says Vaccine Mandates Save Cops Lives

Everything you never wanted to know about Steven Crowder.

If Economists Chose the Health Care System

Apparently Fox News is letting Tucker Carlson do a special on his conspiracy theory that January 6 was a "false flag"

Put pressure on lawmakers to take this with deadly seriousness. Let others in your community understand or convince them of how deadly serious it is. Organize. Create mutual aid groups. Understand this likely will not have a quick, clean, happy resolution.

And learn to operate a firearm.

Bulletproof, a new documentary on US schools in the era of mass shootings, traces a horrific, absurd, and mundane status quo

Bulletproof, a sly, sharp-eyed documentary on US school safety in the era of mass shootings, traces a horrific and absurd status quo. A lockdown drill at an everywhere high school, students crouched under desks, in corners. A tracking badge system for a district in Texas City, Texas, which shows administrators every person’s exact location on campus; a first-grade teacher in Colorado learning to shoot a gun so she can protect her “kiddos”; a department head displaying his district’s 22 AR-15s, since “being in the tactical field myself I understand the importance of superior firepower.” Cut to high-schoolboys playing basketball, a homecoming game, cheerleading practice, banter on the bleachers.

It’s a quiet gut punch of a film, one that takes in the culture of violence in the US through observations of routine rather than infamous ruptures. Numerous documentaries – Song of Parkland, Us Kids, and After Parkland on the aftermath of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school on 14 February 2018 – have examined the unfathomable and sickening mundanity of school shootings in the US, as well as a youth-led movement to restrict access to guns. But Bulletproof, directed by Todd Chandler, takes a more oblique yet still chilling approach: the normal that routine violence, fear and political gridlock have wrought on school districts across the country.

The project, which began in 2015, isn’t limited to high schools. Chandler was interested in “customs, rituals, performances or choreographies that were connected in some way – all the sort of everyday things that take place in and around schools”, he told the Guardian. “All these things are coming from the same place – the homecoming parade and the lockdown drill are both a sort of performance, and they’re both deeply American rituals and they both have this shared origin story.”