Blackwake Alpha Catch-Arr

"Blackwake is a multiplayer naval FPS focused on teamwork and cooperation. Fire the cannons, sink enemy ships or board them with firearms and steel."

Heck yes. I would enjoy playing this with you folks. It's currently available on steam. Join me on the high seas!

Official Site:
Purchase on Steam:

Some useful tutorials!
Captain's Guide to Captaining:
Crash Course in Crewing:

Hah! Okay, I'll bite. At that price point it's worth it for me to just mess around with. Thanks for bringing it up, Amoebic!

Okay, just played a couple of rounds and I'm really sold on this. It's definitely an early access game, but the potential for awesome/hilarious things to happen in the midst of a sinking ship is really high. I would expect a Bottle Rockets-style night to be amazing.

Will do a twitch stream on Wednesday, I think! Maybe 6:30 10:00 pm pst and folks can see what's up with this bananas game.

So is this where everyone is on the same ship playing together?

Yes! It's a co-op ship battle game, and each ship is manned by a group of your fellow Blackwake players.
I'm delighted by how many people play this game in character, doing voices, battlecries, and other shenanigans.

Unfortunately, I misread my work schedule so I probably won't be streaming this until very late, like 10pm PST at the earliest.

Dr Awkward and I picked this up. Very little instruction on what to do so I was a bit confused. It was fun though. We had our captain talking in character and general chaos always began when we approached an enemy ship and tried not to die a horrible, horrible death.

I'd love to get a group of goodjers together to play. Ameobic, I would love to join you but a starting time of 1am EST is a little late for me. Soon though!

I found the Captain's Guide to Captaining and the Crash Course in Crewing links to be really, really useful as there isn't anything yet for a tutorial. I'm still super bad and basically just run around and fix the hull and help competent people load their cannons. I would advise not firing cannons until you get the command from your captain so you're not wasting time or resources firing off into the sea. Reloading anything takes a long time.

Love naval games so will take a peek.

Bumping this again because I WANT TO BE ANNE BONNY!

This is such a fun multiplayer game! I love the fact that you learn skills that you then apply towards a cooperative effort to try and sink and destroy all your enemies.

The two factions are the British and the Pirates. I, of course, always try to go pirate.

As I said last night during OW, I'll be picking up a copy to give a try. Let's get enough to form the crew of the Pirate Ship GWJ Stan. Following Captain Amoebic to the ends of the ocean (or at least until I have to go to bed)!

It would be fair to warn everyone: People can say and name their ships and servers whatever they want. Since this is essentially a FPS Naval Battle PvP team deathmatch kind of will run into some vile stuff typical of FPS bro-downs. I've made it a practice to quit games or servers as soon as I come across racist, sexist, bigoted content.

I tend to choose RP servers because the nature of RP tends to be less condusive to hateful language. Tradeoff is that you have to listen to bad piratey accents sometimes. I enjoy it but many people will find it annoying. There are people using private discord servers and such for larger coordinated games on their private Blackwake servers.

This is not a game where you can turn off voice chat if you're playing with the public and do well, unfortunately. Also why I would like to create my own server someday and captain. If people behave badly I can just kick em

Picked up and installed last night. Do we want to try to coordinate a time for people to get together and give this thing a try?

Ok, I will try to bite this weekend. I don't have a lot of time over the next week, but this sounds intriguing based on the podcast.

The podcast discussion had me but I'm a little wary of the alpha part. arrgghh. Who am I kidding, the theme is compelling.

I hadn't listened to the podcast in a long time, but fired it up while working yesterday, and Black Wake has now hooked me with its grapple. I hopped in to test it out before bed and then suddenly it was nearly 7 am.

Anyone have a favorite server yet? I've just been hopping into the fullest with a decent ping.

I keep getting immobilizing bugs when i try to play. Whenever i fire a cannon or pick up powder. I'm able to do so once and then i'm stuck against the port and can't move.

Also i disagree with the characterization that this is a MMORPG same as i argued against games like World of Tanks or Marvel Heroes.

They do have massive amounts of players, but they're divided up into relatively small slices.

These are lobby games likes shooters or MOBAs. Focus is just on ships.

ranalin wrote:

I keep getting immobilizing bugs when i try to play. Whenever i fire a cannon or pick up powder. I'm able to do so once and then i'm stuck against the port and can't move.

I had this happen to me a couple of times on the starboard bow cannon of the galleon, but so far only there. Both times were before the latest patch, though I didn't see anything in their patch notes about it so that may not mean much.

Anyone played Guns of Icarus Online for comparison? That's airships rather than naval but things look similar otherwise.

krev82 wrote:

Anyone played Guns of Icarus Online for comparison? That's airships rather than naval but things look similar otherwise.

It's very close to that, just a bit closer to land

Saw Funhaus playing this and it looked very fun, although a recent Steam review I read said that the severs are dead now, is this true?

It depends on what your definition of "dead" is, I suppose. I mean, right now at 7:45 in the morning there are 7 near-full servers of 54 players-- I'm always able to find a an open game. I don't think a niche game like this in an alpha stage is going to be bringing in large numbers every night, but I have never seen the game completely devoid of players yet.

I do know that they have had some recent trouble with people connecting to servers that they are trying to fix, so that may account for lower numbers at the moment?

Well this was part of the sneaky Humble Monthly so perhaps it will get some new life.

I haven't installed it yet.