Orbital Decay – Episode 3

Welcome to Orbital Decay, an episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers! Join Game Master Michael Zenke as he takes Sean Sands, Shawn Andrich, Karla Andrich and Rob Daviau into a mysterious sci-fi adventure where our heroes don't know who they are, where they are or why they've emerged from their damaged cryo pods in the first place. This week Pipe, Eighty Eight, Cat and Jin fend off mutant creatures and uncover more of the station.

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Show credits


Production by Julian Murdoch

Music credits: 

Intro by Julian "rabbit" Murdoch


I have a friend named Jin who's not un-elven in his appearance and mannerisms. This has been an interesting experience for me.

I'm making it a goal to work "trash bag full of soup" into a conversation this week.

I hope I'm not the only one who appreciates all the cat jokes that are probably only funny to cat owners.