Darkfall: rise of agon

Stumbled upon Darkfall: rise of agon, any folks here already in the tests or aiming to buy in for live? Given the nature of the game I'm guessing there won't be enough of us to warrant a GWJ specific clan but maybe we can still meetup or something.

Not sure if they're on schedule but looks like it's due to release soonish

Darkfall: Rise of Agon is scheduled for full release in late Q1 / early Q2 of 2017.

Though I'm usually more PVE orientated I'm considering it as I was not able to get into the prior Darkfall games on day 1 and I think being able to do so would help a fair bit with the enjoyment factor.

Regardless if you get in at day 1 or not. If you're not prepared to die. A lot. Along with losing all the stuff you've gathered for an hour or so. You're not going to enjoy the game.

You will be ganked. Repeatedly.

You're also right that there's not enough folks here to even hold a hamlet let alone anything bigger. Best bet is to ally yourself with a like minded guild.

I've thought about jumping in again, but my time spent playing Black Desert Online has made me a bit of a snob when it comes to graphics and combat in MMOs. Plus just a long line of other games i'm neck deep in.

yeah BDO is beautiful and has great combat, I think for me the hope with agon is mostly looking to scratch that skill based progression itch and there really are not many successful modern options in that arena. Most of the pending ones all look too far off from release to seriously consider at the moment; crowfall, unchained, gorgon.