February 6 – February 12


I like procedurally generated survival games. They’re low-stress, low-commitment things. You just keep going until you die, then you start over. It’s kind of like meta-narrative in games: Nothing you do here matters, and you’re going to die.

Actually, that’s depressing. Never mind.

But I still like procedurally generated survival games, and Seclusion looks like it has the kind of survival action that I want. It’s side-scrolly, pixel-arty and not at all multiplayer-ey. You play the last person on earth, but you’re also a microbiologist, which apparently means you can re-populate humanity all by your little old self. Science!

In this week after this weekend’s festivities, Seclusion is just the thing I need, so it gets my nod for Game of the Week.

Chris "C" Cesarano

"Undecided" is a good way to describe my feelings towards the release list this week. Just about anything that intrigues me has something going against it. Nights of Azure, for example, is an action game that already released on PS4 and contains some questionable-looking fan-service. Tale of Fallen Dragons is yet another roguelike.

Gunmetal Arcadia almost had my interest, but that, too, is a roguelike variant of the Gunmetal Arcadia Zero that released last year. If you've been yearning for a version of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link where you are expected to die over and over and over, then it's right up your alley.

In the end the best I can really select is Nioh, but mostly as a result of my curiosity on Team Ninja's latest project. However, I am not really tickled to try a Dark Souls style game, which is quickly becoming the new roguelike.

My pick for this week is to play the part of the grumpy old curmudgeon that doesn't like anything.

Felix “Nioh Sleep till Bedtime” Threepaper

Nioh gets my vote this week.

Nioh is an action-RPG set in Sengoku-era Japan with fantasy elements, developed by Team Ninja. It looks like Geralt from The Witcher was dropped into an Onimusha game and brought some Dark Souls-style combat with him.

Expect to be one-shotted if you mess up your timing. Don’t expect any shields to cower behind; that’s not how they rolled in the Sengoku. Otherwise, it has all the RPG trimmings of weapon skills, stats and gear to offer many hours of grinding, should you enjoy the setting and combat system.

Erik "wordsmythe" Hanson

Our own Charlie Hall wrote about We Are Chicago for Polygon back in 2014. It was a simpler time, when I would have said that the stories of folks on the south side of town were often untold, overlooked and minimized.

Well … um.

Anyway, it's one of those games that I've spent years rooting for. It's also one of those games that I might have to walk away from, given how literally close to home the story is. Pick of my week.

This week:


  • 8-Bit Armies: Arena
  • Alone With You
  • Arelite Core
  • Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book
  • Bleed 2
  • Blood Harvest
  • Captain Lycop: Invasion of the Heters
  • Echoes of the Fey Episode 0: The Immolation
  • Evangeline
  • Greyhound Manager 2 Rebooted
  • Gunmetal Arcadia
  • Induction
  • Knot
  • Kult of Ktulu: Olympic
  • Lamm
  • Leaving Lyndow
  • Nights of Azure
  • Once on a windswept night
  • Phoning Home
  • Quarantine
  • Soda Dungeon
  • Splasher
  • Super Spring Ninja
  • Sweetest Monster
  • Tale of Fallen Dragons
  • The Horus Heresy: Battle of Tallarn - Iron Edition
  • The Wild Eight
  • Ultimagus
  • Wacky Spores: The Chase
  • Warfare Online
  • WarpBall
  • We Are Chicago
  • We Need to Go Deeper
  • WWE 2K17


  • 8DAYS
  • Nioh
  • Touhou Genso Wanderer
  • Uncanny Valley

Xbox One

  • 8DAYS
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer
  • Uncanny Valley

Wii U



  • Touhou Genso Wanderer
  • Uncanny Valley


  • Dimensional Rift
  • John Wick Chronicles
  • VR Golf Online


Can't wait.

Induction looks interesting, in a total mindf*ck kind of way.

Sadly, I won't be able to get Nioh at launch, but I'm very excited to play it later this year. The beta demos convinced me that it is much more than a Dark Souls Samurai edition, and the early reviews have been very good.

Ni Oh I'm ready for. I hope to have some time with it tonight.