Final Fantasy XV Spoiler Section

Chris "C" Cesarano and Colleen "momgamer" Hannon go deep on Final Fantasy XV!

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Regarding that optional cut scene. I spent hours and hours with this game including hanging out at the vespa pool and never saw it.

Still loved this game but I think it's a shame so much of the story was hidden/not included.

My thoughts sync up to this pretty well. Good game, but the significant cracks in the story telling (or lack of it) are telling.

I'm curious to see how the game will shape up in a year or two, after DLC and patches. On one hand I don't foresee significant enough changes, but Tabata has stated in interviews he'd like to open up the second continent as DLC. If they manage that, then who knows if the game will even be the same or if we paid full price (and then some) for a game still in development.