Ace Combat 7: OMG PC release!

I am very excited that Ace Combat 7 will finally be getting a PC release. When I was primarily a console gamer, I was in love with this series. I have sorely missed it. I love arcade flight combat sims.

Also, it seems it will be playable in PSVR, which is insane. May also work with Vive and Oculus.

Looks like it is finally here. Set to Release on PC Feb. 1, 2019. Can Pre-order on Steam. Been waiting long time for this to drop. I still go back and play Ace Combat 4-6 from time to time.

No way! I didn't expect this to release on PC. Still fairly new to the Ace Combat series but I've got a soft spot for flight stuff.

While I'd LOVE to play this in VR, the performance/graphics boost from running on PC will help me be less envious of those with headsets

edit: Posted: "January 31, 2017 7:02 AM"

How did I miss the PC announcement? Haha, all this time I assumed it was console exclusive!

I'm leery of Bandai's ability to not c*ck-up the port.

If it doesn't support HOTAS, it's a flat no-purchase for me.

I assume it'll get the same VR support as the PS4 release, which is only a handful of "VR missions", as opposed to supporting VR throughout the main campaign. Which doesn't make me excited - VR is such a natural fit for an "in-the-cockpit" game.

To be honest, I'm not enthused by what will no doubt be a maudlin and/or overdramatized storyline either. I don't know if I can take that amount of eyerolling anymore.

OMG I forgot about this! Yasssss!

This is out now on console and hits PC the 31st. Multiplayer is the aspect I was most concerned about but it actually looks pretty fun. Anybody else getting it for PC?

I've got it for the PS4, plays well with a HOTAS setup.

I will be getting it on PC. I am excited and looking forward to flying.

In for PC next week. Can't wait.