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And they know they are undocumented how?

fangblackbone wrote:

And they know they are undocumented how?


fangblackbone wrote:

And they know they are undocumented how?

They suspect it. Like with the trespassing.

fangblackbone wrote:

And they know they are undocumented how?

Where is that Family Guy image? You know the one...

If that passes most of the deaths will be of weekend warriors who hustle to Arizona to get in on the action and accidentally stumbled into each other in the dark.


I will be the guy at Wendy's waiting at the speaker in the drive-thru line for several minutes to wait for the surge pricing to change in my favor.


"farley3k” wrote:


That’s pretty terrible. And the sponsor owns a landscaping company.

I spent a few minutes looking for reactions to this online out of curiosity. A lot of people complaining that were obviously already Democrats. But surely some hard working blue collar conservatives would be upset about it too, right?

Not that I could tell. The closest I saw were some admitted conservatives saying it was a probably a scheme to cause workers to quit their jobs en masse so they could then be replaced by illegals. Gotta somehow twist the logic enough to lay the ultimate blame on the feet of Biden, the D’s, and foreigners, I guess.

We are doomed.



The thing that irks me is I can't shake that the states are doing the RNC's job. He should have been DQed in 2016. It was glaringly obvious he was unfit back then but they kept rolling with it.

It was glaringly obvious that Sarah Palin was unfit in 2008 but that didn’t stop them then. It’s only gone downhill since then.

The RNC wants incompetence in the executive branch. They want someone that will do as they ask without questioning too much. In Trump's case, however, they monster got away from them.

What they want is anyone who can make their base froth at the mouth.

This monster started with the Tea Party. They played with fire back then for the votes, and now it has consumed them.

As an Illinois resident I am saddened that I will not get to pass over his name for any other f*@# person on this Earth come November.




She's an attractive thin white lady and is therefore honorbound to misspell it. This is the way.

iaintgotnopants wrote:


Indeed. Expresso was a kind of Neon IIRC.

Tweeting from prison?

Maybe being forced to use Twitter is a form of punishment now. It would be for me.

I can't figure out Twitter X for @#$% but the little bit of research I did tells me this didn't happen? Here's his latest post?


Was he put into Federal Pound Me in the A$$ prison* since then? Honestly I quit after 5 minutes because this is not worth my time.

*Office Space

One of the Qanon podcasts I listen to talked about him a while back,- he’s basically been in jail since like 2020 but is still awaiting trial, he’s allowed a tablet which he’s supposed to use for trial-related stuff but instead uses it mostly to podcast, make media appearances, and run rightwing grifts.

Montalban wrote:

I can't figure out Twitter X for @#$% but the little bit of research I did tells me this didn't happen?

Here's a link to an article yesterday in the Randy Report: "Twitter Has Little Sympathy For Capitol Rioter Complaining From Jail".

Short version, he did make that post, and plenty of other people mocked him for it.

I replied to it. It exists.

Ok, thanks for confirming. farley, I wasn't doubting you, just for the record. I'm starting to fall into the trap of wondering if anything is real on the internet and that's the result that is so dangerous. I need to dial back my cynicism a notch.